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  1. My X-Plane Regional now seems to be working again, having reinstalled to the original 10.05 version. I think I'll skip the update...
  2. I've done all of those things recommended above, including emptying the trash, which I usually do routinely several times a day. Nothing works, it still tells me I have X-Plane already installed. So I've re-installed the original that I have, as a second installation. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping it will work. Incidentally, my Regional edition (North America) isn't supported by Randy Witt, at least not in this instance. He told me to contact Graphic Simulations, who he said does the Regionals and who he thinks uses a different installer than the Global edition uses. Thanks, by the way, for all the advice offered above.
  3. Boy, this is a real parasite. I've tried everything recommended on this and another forum or two, and nothing works.
  4. I recently downloaded the 10.25 upgrade for my 10.05 X-Plane Regional North America, and now the program crashes constantly and is useless. I would like to start all over again, uninstall X-Plane and reinstall my original copy. (That ran just fine.) I have tried moving to the trash every X-Plane file I can find, but it still tells me, "You already have X-Plane installed on this computer" when I try to re-install it. And yes, I've tried using the new installer from the X-Plane website in place of the one on the 10.05 disk #1. I'm using an iMac running OS X 10.7.5