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  1. Richard514

    yoke and stick limited

    Thank you downscc! It was hydro pressure with engine start. Everything is as it should be, and all OK. I apologize for taking your time. Richard Harris
  2. Richard514

    yoke and stick limited

    Thank you for responding. Full name OK. I have only ever touched the aircraft.cfg once in another aircraft where I changed the 1.0 to 1.5 of the elevator/ailerons/rudder to make that aircraft less goosey. I have since returned those settings to the original 1.0 and have never touched the aircraft.cfg in any other aircraft. I looked at the file in the 737ngx just to assure than the settings were standard. The half range is seen in the 737 cockpit and outside looking at the control surfaces. Movement of the yoke (or stick) gives only a limited (half?) range of movement. In aircraft other than the 737NGX I have full movement. In settings/controls I have set the calibration to full sensitivity in both simple and advanced. I have recalibrated several times with no change in the partial movement. Richard Harris
  3. Richard514

    yoke and stick limited

    I have calibrated in the FSX options/settings/controls and I have the standard [flight_tuning] in the aircraft.cfg.
  4. Richard514

    yoke and stick limited

    Saitek stick and ch yoke both yield only about half range of travel. this is a new condition after great success in past. Help please.