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  1. Cpt.Martin D. Pegrum

    Malaysian Flight 370

    Like you all, this is a terrible, terrible disaster, My thoughts go to the cargo of lithium batteries ,there may have been poisonous fumes given off if these caught fire, or self ignited. Were they packed safely, vibration only wants or two to shift and short circuit, if so could possibly the gasses be induced to the air/oxygen system through out the cabin ? The pilot was very experienced, his young 2nd officer had also put in may hours flying time..Please give us a second, un switchable transponder, if the course was pre determined before flight, and loaded, could not a serious angle of deviation be alarmed say within 10 minutes of deviation, and pinged so that ATC can be alerted to keep a close watch? I re-iterate, this is only my thoughts, I am retired,65, and have loved aircraft all my life. I spend hours on x10 !! Best wishes to all readers.