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  1. Hi! Does a good RFP 742 performance profile for FSBuild exist?
  2. Thanks guys, much appreciated! I've acquired the utilities (fuel, TO and cargo planner) and the CRZ chart provided by Gianfranco, thanks! I've seen some screenshots of "V3" or sometimes referred as "VIP version" - the overall impression with that panels is amazing, but has it ever been available or was it some beta version? Is the original flight model how good, in other words can I use real world perf data?
  3. Hello, First at all, I have to say that I was positively surprised to find that this aircraft still has a forum, although unofficial one! I wonder is there still people who fly this beauty? Just a few words about me before I start... I guess I could be called something like "ex-simmer" - I was heavily involved in flightsimming, including VATSIM and IVAO, from 2003 till 2009. After that my life situation changed and simming was somewhat left behind. I made some seldom flights after that period, but they were mostly approaches etc. just for the fun of it. During my active years I learned more and more about aviation and became a realism freak: in the end I only flew with LDS767 and used real-world procedures as well as I could. I gave a lot of time to study the aircraft and it's systems. But, now I'm in a position where I could return to the sim-skies in the coming months after almost a four year break... My comp isn't anything special, so I continue with FS9. For a few days, I've been reading about 742, watching some cockpit videos and looked at RFP screenshots. I have a dream to return to the skies with cargo 742F, doing some hauling in the skies of Europe. As a realism freak, I would have few questions. Flight planning -A good flight requires extensive planning - therefore, what planning tools come with RFP and are they adequate? -Can I find performance tables (TO, climb, cruise, etc.) somewhere? Is there a good perf data profile for FSBuild? -How is the RFP load/fuel manager, I didn't find any info about it. Is there a seperate cargo version manager? -Are the above mentioned always in LBS or can KGS be selected? Plane itself -RFP manuals look pretty good, but are there any real-world FCOM/normal operations manuals? What about checklists? -Panel looks...well, antique, like it should Are there any replacement gauges or new bitmaps I should be aware of - what's the mysterious "V3" I've seen discussed? -Obviously most 742 are nowdays retrofitted with atleast B-RNAV (or P-RNAV?) FMCs, so I'm gonna need that - what's the best retrofit, vasFMC or Alston's ISG - any advices/experiences? -Anything else, do I have to change the flight model, or something like that? Quite a myriad of questions, I understand that all might not be answered...! But any help is appreciated, thanks in advance! best regards, Juha