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  1. fly2175

    Extended download 737 NGX

    Hi guys, In 2012 i bought 737 NGX dowmload version. Now i need to re download the aircraft, so i bought yesterday the extended download, but PMDG sent me mail saying: EXTENDED DOWNLOAD SERVICE ORDERS: Your purchase has been recorded in your account. In order to receive access to your download, you must open a Re-Download ticket in PMDG's Support Portal: I go there, and need to log in. But i don't have a username. So i just click on i don't remember password and message say: There is no email address associated with this user Is impossible because i bought these product with this mail I need support Thanks Pietro
  2. fly2175

    Terrible traffic

    There si a possibile to setup traffic options? Because there are many many taffic, is impossible to fly Thanks
  3. fly2175

    Error message in VoxATC panel

    Norhing, says only test test test
  4. fly2175

    Error message in VoxATC panel

    Thanks drums, tomorrow i try
  5. fly2175

    Error message in VoxATC panel

    Im voxATC voice comfigurario/ assignements: controller voices available is white, in assigned is microsoft anna english Pilot voices available is white and assigned microsoft anna english. First officer voice microsoft anna english. It is right?
  6. fly2175

    Error message in VoxATC panel

    Thanks so much. I changed my italian o.s. In english. Do you think if this possible for my problem?
  7. fly2175

    Error message in VoxATC panel

    Hi guys, yes i did all for good. I loaded VFR from kansan city to eppley like user manual say. Today i downloaded last version ( 6.34) . Now don't appare ERROR, but when i click on enable, voice say 3 times TEST and on the screen remain world; initializing Thanks for yours replay
  8. When i click on enable start voice that say: TEST TEST TEST, and than initializing, but then 30 second message say; fatal error . I need support. Thanks Pietro