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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Hadn't thought of the prepaid credit card method, perhaps because I've never used one. That would be one way to accomplish the task. If no one from PMDG responds I'll give it some consideration but I'd rather be able to send him a link. Don MacDonald Thank you. I'll do that. Don MacDonald
  2. I would like to give my brother a gift of the new DC6. How do I go about doing that? Do I purchase it in his name and send him the link? Does he have to register it himself, etc? I can't use it at present because I fly x-plane10 on a Mac but he uses Windows and since he was a dispatcher when the "6" was active he would enjoy it I'm sure. Thanks Don MacDonald
  3. Thanks to each of you for your responses. I do genuinely appreciate the suggestions. DaveCT2003 - I'm not quite ready to join any specific group just yet but it is certainly something to consider for the future. I would probably enjoy the VATSIM scenario if one does not have to commit to participate at specific times of the day. tbaac - I watched the video you suggested and will try to follow it after another review. I notice that it is done with an older version of FPUIPC but the concepts will probably be similar. I tried to follow along, pausing the video as I went, but I did something wrong on the first try. Will keep trying. fshobby - Thanks for the suggestion about the flying clubs... hadn't thought of that. My niece's husband keeps his plane at the airport. Will check in with him. Thanks again. Don
  4. Hi Everyone: The following is an intro that hopefully will lead to the topic title. I apologize if this is not the proper forum for this topic. I'm new here (again), recently returned to flight simulation (FS) after several years of dealing with health issues. At my age (closer to 90 than 80) medical issues and appointments take up the largest portion of my calendar. As a retired professional pilot with an ATP certificate, flight always catches my fancy and FS is the closest I can get to reliving some of those days gone by. The most difficult thing I am dealing with in getting reestablished in FS is the setup. I am focused on P3D at the moment and running on an Apple product doesn't lend itself to making P3D and all the add-ons any easier. I search this forum and many others looking for clues as to how to go about things but am still struggling. I, and perhaps many others, would benefit greatly from personal assistance. I am still not able to get my hardware (have both CH and Saitek products, yoke, throttle, and rudder, along with registered FSUIPC, and have not figured out a way to make them work properly. It's undoubtedly my age. That type of assistance from others much more knowledgeable used to be found in what were known as "user groups", local or regional gatherings which met on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, etc). With the advent of the internet and the passing of time (the last 8 years in particular for me) User Groups seem to have disappeared. Question: Has there been any discussion or interest expressed on this forum about User Groups and the value such might contribute to FS? Or, as I suspect, has the world passed me by and are those types of gatherings truly a thing of the past? I have found many of the suggestions on this and other forums very helpful and encouraging. I particularly enjoy the manner in which "Poppet" presents her educational posts. Many thanks to those who contribute regularly and I'll keep at it from here in Southwest FL USA, slowly making progress. Don
  5. Ah!!! The lights in my head go on!!! Thanks. I'll begin that process now. Don MacDonald
  6. I am very favorably impressed with the prompt replies. Thank you very much. You'll be able to verify my "newbieness" by the fact that I have no idea what you mean by the "Operations Center". Just went to the PMDG web site and searched for that term. Didn't find a link. I have not yet installed the 737NGX. Don MacDonald
  7. Thanks- Bought the P3D version along with the add-on (had to type "yes" for verification). If I understand this correctly, I should heed the "Optimal Installation of FSX; Running as Administrator; FSX.cfg settings; In-Game settings; FSUIPC; Known FSX'isms to AVOID" etc., to apply to P3D as well as FSX. The Introduction pdf reads on page 23 "The PMDG 737NGX comes with six documents: Introduction (You are reading it now!) PMDG 737NGX Tutorial #1 PMDG 737NGX Tutorial #2 PMDG 737NGX Flight Crew Training Manual PMDG 737NGX Flight Crew Operations Manual Vol. 1. PMDG 737NGX Flight Crew Operations Manual Vol. 2. PMDG 737NGX Quick Reference Handbook My download only included the first 3 of these documents. From where can I download the remainder? Thanks again for the help. Don MacDonald
  8. I have been away from Flight Simming for quite a number of years and obviously need a lot of help, my advanced age is a hindrance as well as a lack of familiarity with the products involved. Recently purchased P3d v3 and got it installed on my iMac in bootcamp. Works fine. No Microsoft FS installed. Purchased the PMDG 737NGX (basic & add-on) but have not yet installed it because I wanted to read some of the documentation before taking the plunge and getting it installed incorrectly. The Introduction document that came with the download from PMDG has a lot of information about installing in FSX, what to be aware of, recommending not to use the default location for files, etc., but thus far I have not been able to find any guidance of a similar nature as to an installation in P3D. Have searched the forum, particularly in the "installation" section and have failed to find specifics in this regard. I did locate a very informative post by "Poppet" on linking which led me to believe it may be best to install PMDG products in their own folder rather than in "Programs x86". Questions: 1. Are such specifics somewhere on the forum and I have failed to locate them? 2. Do the same suggestions recommended for an FSX install apply to P3D? 3. Am I being overly concerned about these details? Thanks Don MacDonald
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