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  1. twgin

    Understanding Scenery Order

    This is very useful, thanks ! My question is, how to look at a file and determine whether it is an airport, OSM, Mesh, Photoscenery, or come combination of these. What sets these types of files apart ? Terry
  2. What causes the autopilot to spontaneously disconnect (red light on the left illuminates) ? In my case it won't stay on for more that 10 minutes and when it disconnects it throws the plane into a steep dive... I am carefully trimming before engaging, using the big black knob to steer to a VOR course, and then setting to "localizer". I have a force feedback yoke with trim switches assigned and also a Go-Flight module trim wheels; a noisy trim channel somewhere ? Any suggestions on what to watch for or how to minimize this behavior ? Thanks...
  3. twgin

    Gyro Compass and VOR Indicator

    First off, great airplane, delighted to see PMDG's first X-Plane offering (!) and hope for many more as time goes on. I read somewhere a rumor about a DC-3, instead I would like to see a C-46 Commando (simulate Flying the Hump !) I have had some unusual instrument behavior also; in my case the localizer/glideslope was only available on the co-pilot's side, GPS guidance only on the pilot's side... I tried two or three approaches with the same results; later, after a restart of X-Plane and a reload of the airplane, behavior was as it should be with both VLOC and GPS working on both pilot side and copilot side (at this point I am mainly choosing "ready to taxi" and some subset of automated copilot assistance). Until I learn more about the plane it is hard to separate my mistakes from possible bugs. Had a hydraulic failure apparently, near my destination discovered no gear and no flaps. Tried to use the automated copilot for help, i.e. instructed him to go through the pre landing (descent ?) checklist. He did, and reported that flaps were deployed and that the gear was down when if fact neither was the case. I read somewhere to treat the copilot as a rookie, not to be trusted, but this is a little much ! I realize building failure awareness into the copilot might be difficult, but in its present state the copilot is reporting flat out wrong info. Finally, I run a two computer setup; one for the panel (MASTER) and the other driving a TripleHeadToGo setup (SLAVE) for a wide out the windscreen view. X-Plane requires that the airplanes in the Slave machine be identified with a suffix, in my case I use "-copilot" so all of the planes in the Slave setup have "-copilot" added to the name of the plane. This screws up the DC-6 plane; with the different name the aircraft plugin will not open. It was also a problem with registration, plane couldn't be registered with a different name. Net effect, without the plugin can't get rid of all the ground equipment, chase view shows the plane flying along with all the oil pans, ladders, etc. hanging off the plane ! This is not a huge issue as the Slave is 99% of the time in look out the window view, but guys like me with multiple computer setups are probably right in your target market ... Thanks for a great addition to the X-Plane fleet ! Terry