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  1. redbarron79

    Cessna 441 Sound

    It sure does EagleOne49........... I found the same issue present.......So i just went back to your modified more buzz sound!
  2. redbarron79

    Cessna 441 1.6 store availability

    Fspilotshop still 1.5 as of today.............. :mad:
  3. redbarron79

    Cessna 441 Sound

    hmmmm.............. just checked fspilotshop......still version 1.5..... :unsure:
  4. redbarron79

    Cessna 441 Sound

    EagleOne49..... You've nailed it! Well done! Problem fixed!
  5. redbarron79

    Cessna 441 Sound

    Hi EagleOne49, I'll follow your suggestions and edit the sound cfg file, ill let you know how i go! Cheers
  6. redbarron79

    Cessna 441 Sound

    Hello all, Firstly, want to say that this is a great aircraft, and I have enjoyed flying it. My only query/concern is the sound files. When i start the aircraft in the VC, the interior engine sounds are fantastic. As soon as i go to an exterior view, the sounds change and it kinda sounds like a buzz saw....very annoying.... If i start No. 1 first and am in the exterior view, the spool up/light off and stabilization sounds are fantastic. As soon as i hit the starter for the No. 2 engine...the dreaded buzz saw effect comes back.... I have tried numerous times uninstalling/ effect... It's driving me