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  1. The *.exe file/folder shows the version number in the title: "Flysimware_MITSUBISHI_MU-2B-60_FSX--P3D_Rev1.7".


    The exterior sound issue that redbarron79 introduced in this thread and that I discussed is still present in Rev1.7 at startup, but seems to "clear up" during climb out and cruise.  ?????    


    It sure does EagleOne49........... I found the same issue present.......So i just went back to your modified sound.cfg......no more buzz sound!

  2. redbarron79:


    Great!  I understand v1.6 is now out at the Flysimware store and it is supposed to address some sound issues among other things.  I don't know if it is available at other retail outlets yet.


    hmmmm.............. just checked fspilotshop......still version 1.5..... :unsure:

  3. Hello all,


    Firstly, want to say that this is a great aircraft, and I have enjoyed flying it.


    My only query/concern is the sound files. When i start the aircraft in the VC, the interior engine sounds are fantastic. As soon as i go to an exterior view, the sounds change and it kinda sounds like a buzz saw....very annoying....


    If i start No. 1 first and am in the exterior view, the spool up/light off and stabilization sounds are fantastic. As soon as i hit the starter for the No. 2 engine...the dreaded buzz saw effect comes back.... 


    I have tried numerous times uninstalling/re-installing......no effect...


    It's driving me bonkers.....lol   :wacko:  :wacko:

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