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  1. Hi Dave, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I have to say neither of these suggestions worked. I found out that it depends on the airport. Till date I could identify Barcelona (LEBL) and São Paulo-Guarulhos (SBGR) with this problem. The other tested airports work without a problem and the SID window appears immediately. I waited about 20 minutes for the SID window to appear at LEBL but nothing happened. Also there are no multiple windows - just the main P2ATC window in the taskbar. It is unique to the SID window. If I choose LEBL as depature and arrival airport - the STAR and APPR window will open. Maybe it's important to say that I'm using P2ATC with MSFS and the database was ceated with the latest version of MakeRwys.
  2. In the last time I observed that the SID selection window sometimes won't open. Today it happened on a flight from Barcelona (LEBL) to Madrid (LEMD). STAR and APPR window open without a problem. Does anyone know why and has a solution?
  3. Hello byork, thanks for your reply. I fully understand that these are external apps which communicate through simmconnect. But after some googling I found out that the "HRESULT: 0xC000014B" error seems to be a problem in the communication between the sim and external apps using simconnect (broken pipe). And following my observations the crashes are triggered after an interaction with PBE and FC for example playing a cabin announcement or starting the pushback procedure. Couldn't it be possible that something in the communication process between the apps and the sim trough simmconnect could lead to the ctd's? Maybe a faulty simconnect install or something on the simulators end? (If I remember correctly the problem began after the latest update od the sim) Or is it absolutely impossible and the sim crashed due to different reason causing the apps crashing as well?
  4. I have a very similar problem as well. The sim crashes randomly while using Pushback Express and Flight Crew A320. The last two times I had a ctd when releasing the parking brake during pushback but it also happed while making an cabin announcement etc. The sim and both apps crashed at the same time showing a "HRESULT: 0xC000014B" error. I reinstalled both apps and ran the .NET repair tool but nothing helped. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello dave, thanks for your reply and happy new year. Would be a cool feature for a future update. 😉
  6. Hello, after landing I often get a taxi instruction to a gate which is already occupied by ai traffic. The ai traffic is clearly shown on the map, so the program is able to detect it. Is there a way to avoid it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, latest update of REX Weather Force 2020 says it adds support for Pilot2ATC. Does anyone know how to configurate both programs to get them to work with eachother? Can't find the metar_report.xml from WF or is there an other way? Thanks in advance.
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