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  1. Rainman483

    Eaglesoft Citation X: Bizarre Occurrence

    Battery failure wouldn't result in engine shutdown. So licensing issue? I recently reinstalled the aircraft trying to fix a bug with the vnav, so this may have contributed to that. Assuming that's the case, there's probably no easy way around that. I will have to find my way through on the eaglesoft support forums...oh boy.
  2. Eaglesoft's support forums have been of no help. When they do work, no one has an answer. So here's the deal. When I'm flying the citation x, a little ways into the flight the engines and all systems will power down, as if just starting the flight cold and dark. The cones and engine/pitot covers all appear too, floating along with the plane or otherwise attached. I have no clue as to what is going on here. Any suggestions at all??? Also, for those familiar with the plane, might his have to do with the feature panel? The one that allows you to check the boxes for things such as the pitot covers and whether or not to start cold and dark? Your guess is as good as mine.