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  1. lipy

    F-4E "ready to flay"

    Issue resolved in administrator mode. Narutokun,I understand your policy. :wink:
  2. lipy

    F-4E "ready to flay"

    Thanks for your answer Flyfox. :smile: How to save a configuration please, I am not very experienced ...
  3. lipy

    F-4E "ready to flay"

    Hi, No, how do you do that? I do not see any option "save". I just select and closed. But all my assignments for hotas are fntional, that's just this option the problem.
  4. Hello, In the Milviz menu manager of F-4E, when I select "ready to fly", in fsx I am always in cold and dark. Back in the menu manager, the "ready to fly" option is no longer selected. I forget to do something? Cordially.