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  1. GolfCharlie737

    PMDG House (Unpainted) Livery

    Hi guys, I downloaded the unpainted livery for the 777-200 and so far I've been flying it for chartered flights which does not belong to any airlines, however, I've noticed that the rudder flap still has the original PMDG livery, is this intended? I was thinking that the unpainted livery was similar to the 737's Chromate Green livery. Thanks for the repies in advance!
  2. GolfCharlie737

    Cautions when landing

    Well yeah, that's true as well. Anyways, thanks for the tip and help Kyle!
  3. GolfCharlie737

    Cautions when landing

    Ah I see. I thought it would be more practical if more realistic planes were put in realistic scenarios like the mission.
  4. GolfCharlie737

    Cautions when landing

    Still learning the T7 is all haha It's like trying to learn to drive a ferrari. A smart one at that.
  5. GolfCharlie737

    Cautions when landing

    I just did a free flight from WSSS to WMKK. All seemed in order. Maybe just a glitch with a mission is all. Oh well, at least we all know that we can't fly PMDG's planes on missions now haha Thanks for all the help Dan and Kyle!
  6. GolfCharlie737

    Cautions when landing

    Just did an autoland into WSSS. Terrain warn was still screaming at me.
  7. GolfCharlie737

    Cautions when landing

    I might have a high decent rate when I did visual approaches, but it also warns of terrain during autolands as well. I know the 737 is not the 777, but I've landed both planes with the same high decent rate but the 737's GPWS didn't sound. Is the 777's GPWS more sensitive than the 737?
  8. GolfCharlie737

    Cautions when landing

    Hi fellow simmers! First time poster but long time lurker here. I had the same exact problem with my default scenery. I fully configured with flaps 30, gear down but terrain warn still warns me of impending doom in a plain field LOL I read the intro documents but nothing comes up about the terrain warn. Is this to do with the terrain mesh as other threads may have suggested? -Ryan