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  1. jscott5150

    help with light jet takeoffs

    thanks, they are small engines. The jet is considered a light jet or extra light jet. Thanks maybe that's why, I always have it near 100 percent
  2. Just starting with light jets and having some questions. I am using mostly the eclipse 550 which comes with a performance printout for climbing, I usually have enginees on takeoff at 100 and when I take off I lift wheels and then flaps at around 400-500 ft. I put the ias at the ideal speed using outside temp and weight. when I CLIMB using chart from o-5000 ft my climb fpm is way above the the chart and the same with 5000-10000 etc. Is it up to me to use the speed on the IAS but use the throttle to lower the nose so my climb fps is in line with the chart
  3. I just bought the gulfstream g650. I have been using the Cessna 172 and its going well. I downloaded plane and read help me and some other things but I don't understand when to use the flight management system vs Auto pilot. Also I can't find a tuitorial on trying to program a flight management system route or using the ILS systmen. The 172 I never used the autopilot and not sure it even had one. Any help is great thank you
  4. jscott5150

    SKVECTOR and navigation

    Is that the 119 or the 106T
  5. I am starting at the bottom, and trying to navigate based on time and looking out the window. I have gotten better at take offs , slower climbing and turning. Still having trouble keeping the plane flying at a level plain. Use the trim when it creeps up or down which it always seems to do ( Piper Archer 3). LAst night I went onto Skyvector and used CYOW as home airport and then CYCC as Cornwall as I have driven there a ton over the last few years with kids hockey. It gave me a course of 119 degrees (but in bracket 106t) for 27minutes does this mean if I am looking at the compass I should be using 106 as a true direction. I used 119 and could not find the airport , the ground area doesn't really look like what it should ans the St.Lawrence looks small. Is there a better compass that what just sits on the top of the dash. I would also like to try CYOW to CYFJ ( tremblant) and again 42 degrees or ( 29T) for 42 minutes or so. I can't seem to find a pay scenery for Ottawa. Still haven't made a real successful landing
  6. jscott5150

    Help with vor navigation

    I would but just trying to learn the basics on short flight with vor as it is confiding me Confusing me
  7. I am still having problems with VOR navigation . I am trying to do some short trips. I can find the airports I want and use an online flight map get the compass settings. I can usually find nearby V OR,stations to set my machine. If fly ottawa CYOW to Cornwall CYCC the only vor station I can see is IinMassena. If I use this how to I get my radial to grt Cornwall . I know ottawa to Cornwall is 119 degrees . Thank you
  8. jscott5150

    gps questions

    I don't know how to do any of that yet, I will see what version I have. I have a mac and there is no wheel. when I try a scroll type movement it moves the scenery not the inside cabin
  9. jscott5150

    gps questions

    yes the gps is really small buttons and I couldn't read some of them. Is there a way to zoom in on the instrument panel . Also is the gps what I would use to try autopilot or is that something totally different thank you
  10. I am flying either a Cessna 172 or Piper Archer iii. I have been flying from my home airport in Ottawa just around and trying to land. I plotted a flight to Cornwall with the airport and going to do it by sight and trying to get comfortable with compass for direction. I see on the Piper there is a GPS but don't know the type. I fooled around and got it going but does anyone know the type of gps and is there another plane similar to the ones I am flying with a bigger and better GPS. My eyes are not the best and the gps is so small andcan't figure out how to make it seem bigger to read the buttons. Also is the gps just a gps or is that were the auto pilot is as it would be fun to fool around with auto pilot What I really need is x plane lessons in Ottawa Canada
  11. jscott5150

    so frustrated

    Thanks for the help
  12. jscott5150

    so frustrated

    Thats what I do I didn't have time to practice kids had soccer and hockey. I do pull on the yoke gentley tontake off but it usually stalls or pulls left the stalls
  13. jscott5150

    so frustrated

    I am using the Cessna that come with xplane. Don't understand the back pressure etc. I have the yoke programmed and calibrated and works, I have set the trim up and down on the handle but never programmed any other buttons . Never did the null or sensitivity but will try. Thanks
  14. I keep reading and youtubing and trying and getting no where. I have the Saitek usb pro yoke and throttle and rudders. When I try to take off I go straight down runway, at about 60 I start to slowly pull up. Usually it starts to climb ok but still stalls about haolf the time. Then when I do get up and start to climb slowly I stay at about 100 to climb on a steady climb I start to climb crazy fast when the speed goes up near the top or stals, or if I turn I stall or I start to climb etc. I am trying to get a slow steady climb and then stay at 3000 ft and around 90 or 100 knots. I don't know if its the yoke but I am either cliumbing or descending I can't just leave the yoke and let it stay steady. I try using trim to keep nose up or down. I know its practice but I am and it gets more and more frustrating. Is it me, are the yoke to sensitive. How much power should I use on the throttle to take off and the cruise etc. Any and all help is appreciated
  15. jscott5150

    help with first flight

    Thanks , I have been using YouTube and get a snip it here and there just trying to learn more quickly but thanks