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  1. I fly the PMDG 737-800 and my navdata is out of date. Its a pain trying to fly on VATSIM when they give me waypoints that dont exist for my FMC. Is there any way to update this without spending money?
  2. Ignore this please, my mistake for double posting. It said the server was temp. down so I tried twice, no idea it went through.
  3. Can anybody confirm one or two of these "theories" so I know which one I can go by? (Someone other than these two fine people)
  4. Right now I just have my altitude set to FL240 and cruising. Its set in my FMC per waypoint and my A/P while on VNav and LNav, is that enough?
  5. So once you reach the T/D point, with VNAV and LNAV on, it will descent its self?
  6. Will the FMC automatically descent if you have on Vnav and LNav?
  7. Will is land its self without me touching anything, or will I need to control the descent? BTW, am I supposed to get a yellow SINGLE CH where the CMD was?
  8. I also did that. Still automatically switches off one, then a green light illuminates next to the F/O's course key.
  9. Is it normal for one of the autopilots to automatically switch off while the app stays on?
  10. What does it look like when your established on the localizer?
  11. Can someone please tell me if this sequence is correct for an autolanding? Once low and close enough to the G/S, click VOR lock then APP, after G/S capture engage both Autopilots, then thats it. Since I cant add my name in a signature until April 11th, I'll just put it here. -Ben Angelo
  12. Got it with paypal and didnt get an email or the download at all. Help.
  13. How do you change the route? I want to change the route from a straight line to egll from egbb to have a kind of curve to it to land on a runway.
  14. I'm buying the PMDG 737-800 NGX tomorrow and I was wondering, will the FMC automatically caculate waypoints/a route to your desired location or do you have to do it one by one?
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