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  1. Thanks JesC. I actually have downloaded the trial version of Active Sky and it is impressive. REX textures is next for sure. It looks fantastic! I haven't touched FSX in years but am planning on getting back into the real thing in the next year or so. I've been flying Carenado's Seneca and I really can't believe how realistic it is. - so much like the almost identical aircraft I did my multi-IFR on. This is almost as much fun being in the real aircraft and it only cost me a few $ for the hardware and a few addons. Much better than almost $300 / hour in the a/c. So much fun!
  2. Can anyone tell me if the grass textures are included in REX Texture Direct? Does it include the ability to download free add on textures like Rex Essentials with Overdrive? I have no need for a weather injector now so the Rex Essentials Plus with Overdrive seems like overkill for my needs. I pretty much just use FSX to practice hand flying instrument approaches to manually set minimums. I use FSX primarily for procedures practice in "soupy" IFR but it would be nice to have transitions in and out of cloud instead of the default "all or nothing" in FSX. I've got pretty good freeware addons for my local airports but would like to improve ground textures for a more immersive experience while taxiing around...