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  1. flyingcueball96

    DX10 Fixer 2.3 jagged textures

    ya a bit of a ways eh. Im pretty sure it is available in the UK at least a couple seasons of it. I know it is very popular in Europe. Im going out of town soon...ill pick up the 2.4 when i get back. No worries!
  2. flyingcueball96

    DX10 Fixer 2.3 jagged textures

    I wish i could figure out how to put a couple of screen shots for you to see. im relatively new to avsim. Checked my cfg file everything looks normal. my resolution is max..same as it always is. it must be something with the AA. I updated to a new dx10 fixer and didnt change anything els and all of a sudden digital gauges in my q400 are the shits. Im begining to suspect my inspector settings. but then again i never changed anything so. ill keep trying to get screen shots and keep tinkering. If anything els pops into your head let me know if you would be so kind. STEVE!! disregard my last! As soon as i posted that last post something clicked in my noggin. The Q400 has a separate utility that controls its settings. I went and checked it and BOOM! for some reason it defaulted back to its original lower pre-sets. Im sorry for accusing your program of making me grumpy haha. Thank you so much for your help bud. keep up the good work for all us simmers alike. If your ever up in Yellowknife NWT canada i will treat for a ride in a C-46 commando. Im guessing you have seen the TV show ICE PILOTS. It will be my treat. Thanks again!
  3. flyingcueball96

    DX10 Fixer 2.3 jagged textures

    ok...ill check the cfg file but like i said i hadnt done anything post install of 2.3. ill so some more fiddling around...check out pauls guide. is there anything that you could think of that 2.3 would change that would have that affect? no sweetfx. Ill let you know what I come up with here.
  4. flyingcueball96

    DX10 Fixer 2.3 jagged textures

    yeah i double checked that....its at 2048. went back to the older version and the problem remained. im having issues uploading screen shots of the before and after. Its most prominent with digital gauges such as the q400...most notably the engine gauges. the rpm arcs etc....they were smooth as butter there jagged even if you zoom right in to the gauge doesnt make a difference. I live up in the arctic in canada and we have data download almost out of data so i havnt got 2.4. iv had 2.3 for a while but been so busy flying real planes that i just now got a chance to try it haha. What do you think steve?
  5. Does anyone have jagged textures particularly in the VC. I just updated to version 2.3 from an older version and its seem the overall quality and sharpness has depleted compared to the older version. No matter what i do in my settings or inspector it doesn't seem to make a difference. It is really bugging me and defiantly noticeable when comparing. Is there something im missing here? Any help is very appreciated as i take great pride in my flight sim. I do all my testing in majestics q400. Ill see if i can post some pictures. Cheers