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  1. nigelmoyo18

    Problem PMDG 737 NGX+fs2crew+fspassengers

    hey there, i think this is a problem which is possible with all third party software add ons if you have any fs dream team products installed, provided that the third party software requires a dll file to execute. 1) My recommendation would be to try and replace your current bglmanx.dll (from FSX folder) with this one here, then when prompt comes, just press yes and allow FSX to load the dll file. and hopefully this should work. If not go to step 2 2) Uninstall all FSDT addons and the program to which the dll corresponds to (If youve purchased it, then it will be reactivated when you re-install) and uninstall add on manager and coutal from fs dream team. Reinstall the program which was giving you the warning FIRST. Check that this program works by starting FSX. Then reinstall your fsdt products one by one and check FSX after each product has installed. When I reinstalled, I turned off the internet connection and let the installation use local files. Start FSX again when all programs have installed. You might get the prompt again. If you do, then press yes again and hopefully you should be fine. 3) If that doesnt work, just keep pressing yes and hopefully it will come back. It took me 3 days before I got anywhere. Be patient! PS: BACK YOUR FILES UP IN A FOLDER OR PARTITIONED DISK OR SOMETHING OF THE SORT. These are merely suggestions I am giving and I'm sure you are all wise enough to know that backing up is important, especially before making any drastic changes. All the best = )