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  1. Had the same issue when using a flight / panel state saved prior to Sept 29 update. Just create a new situation / flight - solved it on my end Thanks Joerg Uebelhart LSZH
  2. Thanks a lot Chris, indeed I had the ACARS open in the third FMC, switching back to the standard Menu page before saving the flight solved the issue of CTD when loading the scenario - many thanks for the hint.
  3. For all those of you still having the CTD issues upon loading a saved Scenario / flight with the QOTS II, - before loading Prepar3D - go to Panel State Folder within your PMDG installation path - cut (NOT copy) the respective *.FXML.SAV file and paste it to a temporary Location. Then start Prepar 3D, load your saved flight, and once the Cockpit initialises, paste the *.FXML.SAV back into the Panel State Folder. You should now be able to load the saved Panel State via your FMC without a CTD. All previously discussed solutions have not solved the issue for me, the only thing that helps is actually removing the *FXML.SAV file from the Panel State Folder until the QOTS II has fully initialised. Thanks, Joerg Uebelhart
  4. Same issue here with QOTS II and P3DV4, since last week I am not able to reload any saved flight, both saved through P3D or FSUIPC - it worked fine for several months before, the issue came out of the blue and I was not able to narrow down any changes or updates I did that would trigger this issue. When trying to load a saved flight, either P3D has a CTD or the sim loads with no Screens active and no landing gear. Tried to reinstall Simconnect and uninstalled/reinstalled QOTS II twice to no success. When I remove the respective *.sav file from the Panel State folder, the sim loads, loading the panel state then through FMC works fine without a CTD. Actually - thinking about it - the reload gizmos started to be active after the latest Windows 10 cumulative update (1703) which was pushed in September. The debug file states the following btw before CTD: ..systems inited. Load flight: PMDG\PMDG 747 QOTS II\PanelState\747.fxml.sav 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 I hope somebody is able to figure out what is going on here. All my P3D items are whitelisted in my AV Software btw, no interference expected there - plus it workded before Thanks Joerg Uebelhart
  5. Gents, I am enjoying this amazing product, thanks so very much. However I am facing two issues post the 3.00.8189 update which I was not able to resolve on my own so far.and I was wondering if this is limited to my machine / setup or of other QOTS skippers see the same. A) The engine sound volume setting in the FMC (PMDG Setup/Options) does not seem to have any effect anymore. However all other sound / volume settings in the same FMC menu still work without a problem. Tried to delete / rebuild the 747QOTSII_Options.ini, but to no effect. B) The middle console click spots on the 747-400ER or gone - including the FMC, however all other click spots still work in the 747-400ER - it's just the middle console that is unclickable. Also, the middle console issue is not present in any of the other variants of the QOTS, it just appears with the 400ER. Any suggestions or ideas what the issue could be ? Thanks, cheers Joerg
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