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  1. Jarkmet

    Account Locked

    Do you think that it's necessary reopen a post, or if I sign this message they will answers me for my problem? I thought that signing my first message was valid. Sorry. Attached is a photo where you can see there is no answer (There was another ticket opened in June also unanswered but no longer appears) PS: Thank for your answers Kriva, I'm a little desesperate Jacobo Fernandez
  2. Jarkmet

    Account Locked

    Yes I write a ticket at http://support.precisionmanuals.com, but they don't respond. At the web says "Waiting for agent" "Updated on January 8, 2015" that was the day I wrote. I thought that the support of PMDG, it was very good, but I paid in december and remains unresolved. Now I don't have my money or my account recovey PS: I did the pay to paypal@precisionmanuals.com
  3. Jarkmet

    Account Locked

    Hello Please I need help. I write a ticket because I have a problem with my account, but anybody answers me. I copy the sent message in the ticket. Hello I received a message because the order pay was cancelled by my bank. I bought de B 777, on 14th February 2014 I also bought B 747, on 6th october 2013. It was paid without any problem, but you have also cancelled this. I contact with you in May 2014. Mrs Robert S. Randazzo said me it was a problem with my bank and if I wanted recover my account, I had to pay $89.99 for the license of de B777 and $20.00 for cancelled payment fee. I did the payment 12/22/2014 and you dont have reactivate my account. Please give me more information about this. The money has been retired of my bank and my account and my planes are still not activate. Regards and thank you very much. PS: I attached a picture of paypal so you can verify the transaction Anybody answers me and I already pay the plane an the cancelled payment fee. I need my account reacctivated to continue my shopping and to reinstall all my planes. Thank you very much. Jacobo F.
  4. Jarkmet

    Account Locked

    Hello. I contact with us because my account has ben locked. I buy the PMDG B777 on February 17th, but a problem with my credit card and my bank, the operation was canceled by my bank. PMDG sent me a e-mail and explain me that I have to send a "ticket", but my account has been locked, and I can't send. Also, PMDG blocked all previous purchases. How I call talk to them? Thank