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  1. Tweak112

    P3D V4 Blurry textures (FTX Global)

    I am using 2048x2048 Textures and texture resolution at 15cm. Changing any of these options to higher or lower doesn't do anything unfortunately
  2. Tweak112

    P3D V4 Blurry textures (FTX Global)

    That's a shame... It really destroys the immersion
  3. Hi guys, I recently purchased P3D V4 and FTX Global. Unfortunately my textures look pretty bad in short distance. Only directly under the aircraft the textures are fine, as you can see in Picture 2. You can even see the point, at which point the textures are becoming blurry again I already tried limiting my FPS, changing the LOD Radius but without success. Picture 1: Picture 2: Thanks for your help System Specs: i5-4600k @4,0GhZ 8GB RAM GTX 970 4GB