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  1. I have no idea to be honest. I had already tried doing what you said (set unshifted, shifted 1 and shifted 2 on the unshifted page, and nothing on the other pages), but then it didn't work. I then started screwing around with different options, assigning different shifted methods on different pages, but nothing worked. Then I went back to what you said again, and all of a sudden it worked. I'm not complaining, it's just rather strange imo.
  2. Ok, nevermind. For some reason I got it to work, by doing the same exact thing I've been doing all the time..
  3. lolsokje

    Can't install into FSX Steam Edition

    Ok, will do. Already opened a ticket for the first issue, but will reply with this issue then. Thanks for the help.
  4. lolsokje

    Can't install into FSX Steam Edition

    I'm 100% sure, as I just removed and reinstalled the 737. It gave me the option to install in FSX or FSX:SE, and I installed to both. It has installed in both versions as I can load the aircraft in both of them, but for some reason only the FSX version is showing up in the Operation Center. When I select it, it does say that I have the FSX normal version installed, but I can't do anything for the FSX:SE version. Any idea how to fix that?
  5. Recently I had to reinstall Windows because I made a mistake with the Windows 10 preview. This also meant I had to reinstall both FSX and FSX:SE, including the add-ons, of which the 737 NGX Base Package is one. I had no problem installing the aircraft into FSX, but when I run the installer again to install into FSX:SE, I only get the options to repair or remove the 737 NGX. Just to be sure I downloaded the add-on again, so I do have the latest version. Last time I tried installing into FSX:SE I had no problem. I already ran all four SimConnect installers, just in case that could be an issue. Any idea what I could do?
  6. Sorry for the double post, but I can't seem to edit my other one. When I do what you say (assign unshifted, shifted 1 and shifted 2 to button 9, 10 and 11 on my yoke, on the unshifted page), all buttons do what I have assigned them to do in page 2 (shifted 1). So even if I have mode 1 or 3 selected, all buttons do what mode 2 should do. Any fix for this?
  7. Ah ok, that makes sense. I followed a tutorial someone posted here a while ago, and it said you had to use the GLOBAL shift to make it work. Will see if it works like you explained it. Thanks for the reply.
  8. LINDA version: 2.6.3 LINDA module name: PMDG 737 NGX version 1.9 Sim version: FSX Aircraft: PMDG 737 NGX, latest version I found out about LINDA yesterday, and today I wanted to try it out. It's been quite easy to get everything working, but there's one thing I just can't work out. I've got the unshifted and shifted 1 working. With that I mean that when in mode 1 on the yoke (which is unshifted) I can assign buttons, and they do what I tell them to do in the unshifted window. When I change to shifted 1 (mode 2 on the yoke), the buttons do what I've told them to do in that window (so shifted 1). But when going to shifted 2 (which is mode 3 on the yoke), nothing happens. I've assigned some buttons to do stuff, but nothing happens. See the screenshots below to see how I set up the mode switch in the 'on press' column. Unshifted Shifted 1 Shifted 2 Any idea what I'm doing wrong?