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  1. Correction: see sentence "and when reaching the cruise altitude of 3000ft": I mean off course 2000ft...😁
  2. Airernie, your question triggered the solution: when I opened the saved flightplan (EDDT-EDUF), the Flightplan Dock window shows under tab Plan 3.500 ft VFR. Till now I flew this trip at 3.000ft not realizing the 3.500ft showing in the flightplan (I did not set that altitude in the flightplan myself, it was just there believe it or not). Well just to make sure, I've made a new flightplan and now I set a choosen altitude of 2000ft in the Flightplan Dock Window tab Plan. Started the A/C, clicked Collect Performance for flight and took off. First the flightplan window shows the climb segment and when reaching 1.900 ft approaching the cruise altitude of 3000ft, the cruise segment appeared in the flight plan window (!) and then the descent segments (hurrah). The reason that the performance information stopped when I was in climb segment (in the 3.000ft-scenario) will be that when flying I did not reach the 3.500ft altitude of the flightplan for cruise. I flew in fact only at 3.000 ft. So I think LNM is only triggered to go in the next segment (descent) when you first have flown your cruise altitude of 3500ft according to the flight plan. Sometimes solutions are for the taking...thanks (and Alex) for your help.
  3. Okay, let's get this straight: flight plan was not missing, despite cruise altitude. I've made another flightplan in LNM, in my case (but is does not really matter) a VFR flight from EDDT (Tegel) to EDUF (Lonnewitz): 61 nm, DCT. A/C: a Cessna 172. I've activated Edit Aircraft Performance. After starting up and take-off, aircraft tab of flightplan window shows the climb segment (so far so good...).Then when the climb is finished and I continue at cruise altitude of 3000ft, no cruise performance info is collected or shown. So for clarity: I've loaded a flightplan in LNM and in the flightplanner of FSX, the flightplan is visible in the GPS of the A/C and is active, but as I've already said in my earlier mails: the performance information does only show the climb segment and that is all. It just does not work: why?
  4. I've found out that when opening an aircraft performance file to get it visible, the file being visible is only possible when you have loaded a flightplan. That is why - I suppose - I did not succeed so far to get the loaded performance file of an aircraft visible (see my earlier mails). Do you recognize this? I suggest you do the same as I did (without loading a flight plan) then you will not see the content of a loaded performance file. Another issue: I've tried to run "Collect Performance for Flight" with a Cessna 172 from the very beginning to the very end (typical flight). However the performance information, when collecting, is stuck in the climb segment. No further information after the climb segment appears. When I'm cruising that segment does not show, neither the descent and landing segment. The only thing I see is that in the climb segment the foot per minute descent rate digit decreases and that is all. After touchdown and engine shutoff LNM does not switch to the default fuel report mode. What could be the reason that the performance collecting process stops in the climb segment?
  5. I've made a new aircraft performance for the Cessna 172 and saved it. So next, above the Toolbar I click Aircraft /Open aircraft performance. A new screen appears in which I choose "Cessna 172.Inmperf", I click Open but nothing happens: no screen of the Cessna 172 Aircraft performance appears.
  6. It's not the same like in MS Word. In MS Word after clicking "New Document", an empty document appears on your screen (to fill out). When I click "New Aircraft Performance" I don't get a new empty document (which is supposed to appear on my screen, I presume) at all. So, still no empty aircraft performance document visible to fill in a new performance for a new aircraft (apart from your editing tip). Cees
  7. When I click "Aircraft" in the top of the toolbar a little menu appears, when I choose and click on "New Aircraft Performance" (to create a new performance for a new aircraft) no screen appears to fill in. What to do?
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