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  1. Mouse problem

    That has done the trick.Thanks for help.Matter resolved.
  2. Mouse problem

    Whenever I load the Dash into FSX and then start the FSCrew panel via the selected keyboard option the mouse has a blue flashing circle around it(same as when waiting for FSX to load/.The mouse still seems to function but is clearly not right to have this.If I close FSCrew then the 'blue mouse' remains until FSX close and reopen. I bought the programme from Just Flight so I am not able to update to see if the new version is of help.
  3. Operations Center

    Just reinstalled.Thanks for the help.
  4. Operations Center

    Hi, Can you clarify something for me, When I downloaded the link from my account and opened it,there were 2 options-'remove' and 'repair'.I hit 'repair' but no ops centre has appeared. If I hit 'remove' what actually happens?Do I need to go back to my account download link and reinstall from there-will there be an option now for 'install' instead of 'repair' and 'remove'?I wouldn't want to 'remove' and find I have lost everything.