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  1. Plumber525

    Massive problem with FS2004

    OK so I’ve solved the problem that should never have existed in the first place if I’d read the readme file in FS2004…. Basically I had a SimRaceWay wheel plugged into another USB port for use in F1 and even though I was selecting the flight controllers for use in FS2004 because the computer could see 2 controllers connected it was causing a confliction; disconnected the wheel and everything is good again. Thanks to everyone who’s taken a look and offered advice; sorry to have wasted your time. :blush: Steve.
  2. Plumber525

    Massive problem with FS2004

    As an update I've tried using the controllers in a differnt USB port (as opposed to different ports in the USB hub) with exactly the same problems. This is beginning to grip...
  3. Plumber525

    Massive problem with FS2004

    Hi Joe, Thanks for taking a look. I'm sure you're right and i'll give it a go but FS2004 was working perfectly well in this mode some months ago. I've just tried this and the controls respond correctly with keyboard inputs, though obviously this isn't anywhere near good enough to control flight. I'm using a different port on a USB hub, I'll try not using the USB hub and get back. Not sure about the first bit I didn't back anything up just uninstall/reinstall, I uninstalled all the files and specified a new file in the c drive, I haven't yet reinstalled any of the add-on's. Cheers, Steve.
  4. Plumber525

    Massive problem with FS2004

    Thanks for the quick response Sauviat. I'm using Windows 7 but with FS2004 running in compatibility mode for XP SP2 as it's the only one available in compatibility mode. Cheers, Steve.
  5. Hi everyone. I have encountered a massive problem with FS which makes it completely unusable for me and I really hope someone reading this will have an answer and thank you all for taking the time to have a look anyhoo. Basically whichever a/c I select to "fly now" the only control I have is the elevator. Throttles, ailerons and rudder act as if they are receiving hundreds of different inputs a second and are "fluttery". I've tried two controllers (Microsoft Sidewinder FFB2 and the Speedlink Black Widow) both with exactly the same issue so I'm deducing the problem's with FS2004... I was running FS2004 with the add-ons: Air Hauler, Airline Pilot, the Just Flight Dash 8-300 pack and the ABACUS Airbus Fleet pack (though I have now uninstalled all of these in attempt to fix the problem); I'm running FS2004 with the 9.1 update (though it was doing this before I updated) in windows 7 Home Edition as an administrator (and in compatibility mode of XP (SP2)), and the latest FSUIPC version of 3.999z8 (again it was doing this before I updated). I previously had FS2004 in the X86/program files folder but after reading some posts (I've been to several forums looking for similar posts) I subsequently uninstalled and reinstalled FS2004 in a separate folder in the c: drive but again to no avail. I'm now at my wits end, it could well be something very simple that I'm doing/not doing but as it was working perfectly well a few months ago (I've been away from sim'ing for a while) I can't understand it. Thanks in advance, Steve.