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  1. Thank you for your replies. @vesalius, I'll use one of your suggestions, and will post the result here once done.
  2. Again, I've never said I have a problem finding the Air france logo. The problem is finding a usable Air France TAIL logo. It's my first repaint and I was expecting to find loads of png's or eps's or whatever containig the tail logo (not painted on an aircraft), which can be used on your repaint, because Air France is quite common and has been painted a whole lot of times, so I thought there would be at least 1 sort of "air france paintkit" containing all required resources for painting the Air France. I can indeed make the tail logo myself, and if there isn't any usable tail logo resource on the internet, then I will. But I still think that's an odd thing to do, because you can barely get it excactly as it is in reality.
  3. I'm painting the TDS 737-700. Afaik, Air france doesn't have a 737-700, so I don't really have a specific example pictures, I'm just using different pictures I've found as an example. Preferably, I'd like to use the new tail logo with rounded edges:But the older tail logo would be just fine as well:
  4. I can definitely find pictures of the tail, but I think that won't be any good for repainting, because those pictures contain all sorts of knobs and spots which cast a shodow on the tail and I think that would look weird on my tail as it doesn't have those knobs and spots. So what I was looking for was the actual tail logo, not painted on an aircraft and that's something I haven't been able to find so far and I have actuelly done a lot of searching to it.
  5. I've been looking all over the internet, but I can't find Air France's tail textures (blue and red stripes) anywhere, for usage in my repaint. Does anybody have any suggestions on where to find it? Thanks in advance!