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  1. After watching the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 investigation it made me think of a design which could prevent such incidents occurring in the foreseeable future. If there was a button on the MCP, a capped button with a red shield with a button inside the shield which wouldn't be mistaken for another button on the autopilot system. Once the button is pressed the aircraft would automatically squawk 7500 and the autopilot would lock a certain altitude, heading and speed (most likely best endurance speed) The only way to gain manual control of the aircraft again would be by entering a code into the FMC which would disengage the autopilot and resume the system to it's programmed operation. The only people who would have the code is operation personals and obviously the flight crew, each aircraft would have a specific code. Once the button is pressed no manual control what so ever could be initiated. Any other ideas?
  2. Hi folks, Just wondering is there a nice effect for halogen bulbed landing lights?. For example when turning off your landing lights you can see the bulb heating down (slowly dimming). On shock wave lighting and most landing lights they are like an LED effect as soon as you turn the lights on they are on instantly with no bulb effect. If not would this be a do-able effect to program and contemplate in doing? Wowk
  3. Hello there, Just wondering if anyone of you have ever used any ai 'add' ons with squawkbox on VATSIM? I would love to add ai traffic to my VATSIM skies as i use contrailpro and still the skies look bland and bare (no contrails and no flashing strobes from other aircraft at night) I mainly fly out of one airport (EGKK) so what i could do is go into the tfc cfg's. and tweak about with the schedules of the ai traffic so they don't conflict with any ground maneuvering operations at EGKK whilst logged into sb. As i said i just want the skies to look a bit more 'lively' as opposed to making the ground 'lively' at airports. Anyone know if Ultimate traffic can work alongside SB and VATSIM or on multiplayer and if not is there a 'tweak' i could do to enable the programme on multiplayer mode? As a VATSIM flyer i am a bit boring. I have a consistency of flying out of the same airport at the same time every time i fly on vatsim e.g - EGKK - XXXX 19:00pm. So i'd obviously schedule the ai tfc to not land or depart between 18:00-20:00hrs (If you can grasp where i'm coming from!) Tom