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  1. tikishark

    I am going to buy the PMDG 777!

    I purchased the 777 last week and I think it's a fantastic plane. PMDG allows you to re-download a product for free for 7 days. After that, you need to purchase the extended download service which is 4.99. Like Scandinavian13 said, you can backup the installer on physical or digital media (dropbox) and reinstall as many times as you like. PMDG also allows you to download any service updates for free, without the need for an extended download account. While there is a checklist in the 777, it does not list the complete flow. You will still need to know the full procedures if you want to simulate a real flight. Lastly, the only problem that I have found with the 777, is that it doesn't always lock onto the VOR or instigate Autoland perfectly all the time (probably an error on my part not the 777) and unlike the 737, you need to know when to slow the plane down yourself on approach instead of the FMC doing for you. Like I said, this is a fantastic plane... You won't be sorry in your purchase...