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  1. This has happened only last week after weeks of no problem flying. I attempted starting engines as I usually did having the FSE performing the "before start" routine then starting the engines with the 3-4-2-1 sequence but after a few turns the engine 1 and engine 4 propellers stopped. I checked the Engines health and all 4 have green discs. The other thing is that if I restart the PC and then launch XPlane, all 4 engines start well, but after about 30-40 seconds 1 and 4 stop going and there is no way to start them again. Also, in the XPlane "Equipment & Failures" panel, engines 1 and 4 are marked in red as inoperative and if I tried to change their state to operative, it didnt go, it stayed red/inoperative. Also clicking on reset all. i have got XP 10.51 64 bit on Windows 7-64 bit - 8x3.5 MHz - 8GB RAM - 3GB VRAM hope someone has got some suggestions :-) many thanks
  2. Thank you but this begin to be polemic and argumentative trying to say Im unfamiliar with XP that I know from version 7...I simply asked for some support for some incoherent behaviour of an Add On by PMDG which is clearly behaving weird. That s it. Not to worry, thanks for your help anyway. Didnt mean to upset anyone. You say you dont know Mister X maybe ask the person who wrote Tutorial 1 why he indicated Mister X scenery on it for KPDX. Thanks for your help anyway. Best Alex di Martino
  3. Thank you Dan, My full name is Alex di Martino. Not sure where to indicate this though. I never mentioned I am unfamiliar with XPlane. I have no issues with XP. As I said, I simply would like to be able to go through the DC6 tutorial 1, which has nothing to do with Xplane functionality. There is an issue that when I load Scenario 1 the aircraft jumps and gets on fire, as I already said in my first post. I am unable to go through Tutorial 1 because of this problem. Simple.
  4. By the way I am utilising the KPDX scenario by Mister X suggested in the Tutorial 1. I tried with both "runaway follow terrain" on and off, but still it is not working. I am a complete noobie with this aircraft and I can only follow the tutorials to learn it and you just say "sorry for the initial difficulty...." Excuse me, but for 70 dollars I expect a bit more than "sorry for the initial difficulty" I need a precise solution on how to be able to go through Tutorial 1 e and 2. Confident that you will appreciate my concern. Thanks
  5. Thank you but I was following the Tutorial 1 by the letter because I have no idea yet how to operate the plane hence I am not sure how to manually recreate the scenario. Thanks.
  6. I tried to complete Tutorial 1. I followed this:- "There is a saved situation included with this tutorial. It can be installed by placing the included DC6B_scenario_ 1.txt file in the DC-6B aircraft folder of your X-Plane directory: X-Plane 10\Aircraft\PMDG\DC-6\DC-6B." So I placed the txt file into the folder as indicated but when I load scenario 1 the aircraft jumps and crashes on the runaway crushing the gear and emitting smoke from the 4 engines, completely flat and broken on the tarmac. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the advice! Stupid question: I have purchased and downloaded the plane yesterday and I assume I have the latest release -- am I right or do I need to download some patches or other? Many thanks!