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  1. PS tested at LIMA (active runway, no weather engine - Torino Aeritalia) with p3d v3
  2. Hello... I am trying to install freemesh x Europe. I downloaded it via torrent (just Europe and Patches folders), I activated the two folders (patches layer over Europe layer) and I don't know if that is correct. I can see some differencies but it is almost similar to what I see using default meshes, I read about an installer .exe file but... where is it???
  3. Hello I use ASE with my FSX SE. I'm a newbie with that simulator (I used FS9 until two months ago) and I have a problem with cirrus layer. I saw that layer missing during the cruise sections of my flights: that seems to be a little strange and unreal (I can see cumulus only). I can see it during the other sections of flights (standing at the airport, taking off, landing... it disappears suddenly when i cross approximately 10000 ft and re-appears when approaching...) Why that? Where am I wrong? Did I miss some important settings? In ASE, I setted up to 10 cloud layers on the slider. I use Fsuipc 4 registered (flag on "generate cirrus in cavok situation) and REX 4TD to manage my sky and clouds textures. Just another question: can I use ASE snapshots with REX 4 TD?