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  1. jneltner

    Flaps Reading not there?

    Well excuse me for using the autopilot, and btw if you never use the FMC then why are you commenting on a topic that deals with the FMC? Sorry i didnt even realize that hadnt posted the type of aircraft. it is the PMDG 737 NGX. im fairly new to this plane and got through the tutorials fine but this was my first flight that i had created, I tried lowering the flaps myself but as you may know that going 185 knts the plane will scream at you if you get past flaps 5 so something was screwed up with the FMC and the autopilot. I was just hoping someone here had experienced this before.
  2. During a flight from KLAS to KSFO, at top of decent, I went into the FMC approach page and selected the Flaps and speed but after doing this the only thing that showed up on FD was the speed (lower Left Corner), why would the Flaps selection not show up? BTW the plane never slowed down on approach either and was going 185 knts at the threshold so something was screwed up. Any ideas?