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  1. Letti

    737 running out of memory

    Im sorry man, I was flying over the post cause Im at work at the Moment Ill try it when Im at home I only wanted to try his cfg cause I thougt its a generally Crash of FSX I have the same Crash from time to time and thougt his cfg could be the solution for me
  2. Letti

    737 running out of memory

    Im sorry, I missunerstood I thougt its generally crash of FSX Im using no scenery addons but REX essentials + OD textures in 1024 size for weather Im using ASNext and I also recommend win7 Ive tried Win8.1 and when I started FSX my pc freezed and needed a restart
  3. Letti

    Low fps

    Ill post it when Im at home no traffic adddons and set the lowest default traffic yes, I know its the best configuration for FSX...
  4. Letti

    Low fps

    Thank you man! I'll try it and let you know :)
  5. Letti

    ANA Pokemon Livery

    Hello guys! Does anybody know, from where I can get the ANA Pokemon Livery for my B77-200LR? Some months ago it was posted but I couldn't find it anymore... I think it was this aircraft registration: JA754A (could be wrong) many thanks guys!!!
  6. Letti

    Low fps

    Were i can check the clock rate? maybe a better cpu-coolingfan? CPU: AMD 6300FX RAM 2x4GB Graphics: Geforce GTX 570 OS: Win7 Ultimate 64Bit Addons: PMDG 737 & 777, Active Sky Next (via simconnect), PlanG (via simconnect), REX Essentials + OD, VAinterface for Virtual CDU No Scenery Addon
  7. Letti

    737 running out of memory

    Can you please post your cfg? Sometimes I have the same crash allready tweaked and no success maybe your cfg is helping me regards
  8. Letti

    Low fps

    They're doing really a great job!!! I was "talking" with Ryan abaout a month... He tried everything to help me... But no success unfortunately :( :( It's not his blame and it was not an offense to the Support... (sorry, bad english) So I thought I start here a topic... maybe someone here has had the Same Problem and sloved it...
  9. Letti

    Low fps

    the First Ticket was in february 2014 and the last One in August 2014... :( :(
  10. Letti

    Low fps

    Hallo guys! I got some issues with my PMDG airctafts (777, 737) When I Start a flight in the virtual cockpit, the fps at about 35! After One (!!!) minute its falling down under 10... I have startet two tickets at the PMDG support but no one is able to help me :( HELP!!!!