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  1. Ricow

    FSX wont start

    Q: Which version of FSX do you have installed? A: I installed FSX + acceleration pack so both are installed Q: Are you using Windows Aero? A: Dunnow? just using themes for layout.. Q: What is the path (drive/folder) to FSX (like D:\ ........) e.g.? A: E:\Games\FSX but thats not the problem normaly it just work fine Q:Also, did you copy FSX from the old HD (or a backup device) to the new HD? A: nope i made a fresh new instal on the HD from the Original FSX Gold Edition Q: Does Windows Event viewer show any error(s) in today's log. A: sorry i am blond is that a program or just a future in windows?
  2. Ricow

    FSX wont start

    yea but the problem is there are no problems with the instal of FSX it just do nothing when i start it up like i can show you if i send a link in your msg box
  3. Ricow

    FSX wont start

    well just to figure that out i already installed on several HHD what i have in my computer normal i just let my C: drive only for windows etc but now i installed it on the C: drive and nope same problem so it isnt a hardware problem Greets.
  4. Ricow

    FSX wont start

    just using Windows 7 normaly it works fine. a year ago installed perfectly and working normaly but i didnt had that mutch disc space so i bought a new HDD last week and now it wont work :X
  5. Ricow

    FSX wont start

    yes already dit that nothing works repaired from cd works but later the same problem
  6. Ricow

    FSX wont start

    Hi all, i have some problems with starting FSX i dont know how it happend or what ever it happend and i cant solve it. oke to the point when i start FSX the popup rise that windows changed the colours to basic normaly you wil see the startup of fsx after that but nope nothing happend and the windows colours are going bac to normal i did some thing to fixe it like logbook and other stuff but nothing helps when i reinstal it it works fine for a short time on normal and then same problem over again i struggeling with it now for 1.5 weeks and getting sick of it and losing my patience. i hope someone can help me with this anoying problem EDIT: just make it a bit easyer to see whats the problem is i made a small movie about it but i cant post links so thats not gonna work.... sadly :X but is the best way to help ppl :X but oke if you want to get the link just pm me or something