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  1. rotaterotate

    Thermal simulator

    Thank you so much for this, I'm very keen to see improvements in x-plane for gliders. I'm a trainee glider pilot and so I have a some experience with the real thing. I found that your thermals are much more realistic. The instructions for installing python interface are a bit vague but once I got it running it was very easy to install your scripts. Are you still actively developing this project? FSX has an online community (ukvga) which run what is effectively a simulated gliding club. The infrastructure for gliding is much more mature for FSX with many airfields and plugins available. I have developed a couple of airfields for fsx but there is so much that is better about x-plane so I will now be re building them for x-plane. If I get time I would like to put together a tutorial on how to get python interface up and running and install your scripts. I know I't pretty straightforward but if you haven't done any python It may be a little intimidating. My reasoning is that the more people use x-plane for gliding the more people are going to develop plugings and stuff like you have. Are you ok for me to do this?