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  1. Mohneis

    PMDG doesnt know my email

    Ok. Thank you. I just opened a ticket.
  2. Mohneis

    PMDG doesnt know my email

    No. I always use two email adresses. One for Internetspam and one for Onlinestores. They didnt work. What does this mean? I have to buy a new downloadlink or the Money is gone and away and I have to buy it a seccond time? Is there any possibility to tell someone from PMDG (through a ticket?) my personal Data and the can lock if it matches with an registred user (me)? I think I payed via Visa
  3. Hi I have a very big problem I orderd the PMDG 777 in Febuary through a normal user account. A few day ago, I reinstalled my PC and FSX. Today I wanted to download the T7 but the webside told me that my Emailadress had not been found in the user database. The same happenes in the "Order without account" section. But this false! I wrote down a Password for a PMDG account, so I have to have an account. What can I do? Please help me.
  4. Mohneis

    Carenado Repainting Tutorial

    Thanks for your awnser. I found the Folder with the white textures in it, but the problem is, that there are only the "texture.cfg", a thumbnail and two DSS files and I dont know how I can edit this files. Or is there something wrong?
  5. Mohneis

    Carenado Repainting Tutorial

    Hi. Very nice tutorial. But where can I find the white Texture for Alabeo C177? Thank you