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  1. Prepar3D v2 configuration with new GPU

    Nothing, everything is default. -drivers installed -shaders deleted -cfg deleted and created new -settings in P3D the same *******...
  2. Prepar3D v2 configuration with new GPU

    Don't know what i have to do. I've deleted this shaders and i have still the same graphics as i had...
  3. Prepar3D v2 configuration with new GPU

    I have no settings in AMD software. No needed.
  4. Prepar3D v2 configuration with new GPU

    i did this and fps are quite the same as with the old card :/ FPS are like with the old card but sometimes for the next 2-3 seconds it is going up about 10-15+ and again down
  5. Prepar3D v2 configuration with new GPU

    shader cache of P3D?
  6. Hey guys, I've just replaced my Gigabyte HD7850 by Gigabyte R9 380X 4GB Gaming. I dont know why but i get a few fps more only by new gpu. I've installed new drivers (100% sure) and i dont know how i could have 15 - 20 fps in P3D - 737 on KDEN scenery. It's weird cause sometimes my fps is jumping around 10-35!! I want to have it stable and smooth. My Settings are not just like ''everything on ultra''. I have FX8350 processor 4.2gHz. And please dont tell me that Prepar3D is better with nvidia cause i hear it everywhere... I have AMD, cause AMD is cheeper and better in the other games. Please help me to optimize my P3Dv2 correctly to have stable FPS and smooth interface Thanks in advance!