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  1. Curpling

    Display unit and map

    Thanks. Ok. May I ask if anyone knows why the EFB is mentioned in the manual for PMDG 737 NGX if its not implemented in the aircraft. Or can I buy some addon to activate this?
  2. Curpling

    Display unit and map

    Hi. Have a couple of questions. I've been flying my NGX for a couple of months now, and I love it! I'm now plowing through the manuals so I can learn more about it. In Chapter 10 Section 65 (dont now wich file it is, sorry) it mentions Flight Instruments and EFB This Electronic Flight Bag seems awsome (there is also an Electronic Log Book), and the pic in the beginning of the chapter shows a there is a Display unit to the left of the Captain and to the right of the F/O How on earth can I activate it??? And the last question, there is a "map-holder" to the left of the captain and to the right of the F/O just below the side windows, I can even switch on the lights for it. Is it possible to put charts there in the sim? Thanks in advance. /Kalle