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  1. Astro

    VOX 6.46 Fatal error

    okey thanks, I email him !
  2. Astro

    VOX 6.46 Fatal error

    Hey Richard! I forgot to say that, The AI-Traffic works anyway due to the "fatal error" message, and I tried what you said, and yes the AI ATC heard me but the "Fatal error" message did not disappeared. How do you close and re-open the voxatc window to get the message disappeared? It seems like a big bug but the VOXATC site is down so can't email them sadly....
  3. Astro

    VOX 6.46 Fatal error

    Hey! FSX Acceleration.
  4. Plz help me with this problem. I bought a version of voxatc 6.46 and got the serial from vox company. When I run a free flight vfr and start up vox with out any flightplan the program starts but a message comes up directly "fatal error! disable Voxatc" BUT (!) when I run a flightplan that I have then it works fine?! I don't get it. It does not matter were in the airport I place the aircraft in free flight. It crashes all the time. But as I said, it works if I use I flightplan!? I tried the 6.20 version and that worked just fine. I run in win 8.1 and with some IVONA voices. I hope for an answer... regards,
  5. Astro

    FS Global Ultimate

    Okey so when Im in Scenery in options, I uncheck fs global 2010 and then I press "OK" and FSX will load the scenery, but will I leave it so or should I do it once again and box fs global 2010 and then load the scenery once again? Thanks for answer me!
  6. Astro

    Please help x2 !

    Please help me with two problems! I have a problem with two graphic things in my map over Sweden. 1. I have a updated addon ("amateur" build) airport (Bromma) that is made for fsx. But after install, the new fresh airport and FSX "original" Bromma airport is put together in scenery when I load it? How can I remove FSX original and only use/see the addon Bromma airport???? 2. I use GEX Europe 2.10 and UTX Europe together and when a fly from Malmo to Copenhagen, the Sea is gone and there is land texture between Sweden and Denmark? How do I fix it????? It's not fun to see Sweden and Denmark put together and that the bridge, "Öresundsbron" is built on land! Please help! Thanks!
  7. Astro

    FS Global Ultimate

    No body know this??
  8. hey! I need help, Im a bit of a beginner! I use FS Global 2010 and because I'm swedish I also use FS Genesis Swedish mesh program. Today I also installed FS Global Ultimate (europe/africa. Two questions... 1. After I installed FS Global Ultimate, I read the manual (I know, dumb &@($*) and it said that before the install I should have uncheck the FS Global 2010 boxes in the scenery witch I did'nt! Do FS Global Ultimate work anyway?? or do I need to start all over? 2. Does all three mesh program work together to get the most good experience or do I need to choose one of them??