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  1. That´s because some people think small...they only think that improving quality, turning FSX as real as possible will have worst FPS. Our machines are improving. A time will come in which the machine will not be a problem for fps anymore. I think flying only at high altitudes with no 3D "real" buildings have no meaning. I wish FSX or Prepar3D could reproduce the complete world in absolute 3D real, just the way it is. Perhaps one day we´ll come very near to it. I hope! - A good attempt to it is the France VFR scenery.
  2. I think this is the desire of most FSX and Prepar3D users, or am I wrong ? I would like at least that MSE V2 had a decent night texture, decent water masks and decent shorelines. For the price we pay for the software...
  3. Thank you for this nice explanation about how it works, SAAB340.
  4. Even on my i7-2600k the bottleneck is the CPU for FSX, all I need to do is run a Full New York City Scenery and look that core 1 is 100% and i can´t achieve 30fps under these conditions. All other cores are far less. Perhaps I would need a 10Ghz CPU, ajajajaj
  5. Well, then we got a conclusion of all of this, as you pointed that: "Pretty much and SSD will do". Even as the 840 EVO is not as fast as the 840 PRO, in other softwares, I notice a great improvement overall and no comparison to any HDD. Thanks for the testings. We have plenty of data to analise yet...
  6. I wish I had this knowledge in order to help you do it, because this is the right way, modifying Tileproxy, not P3D. Anybody help us ?
  7. Hi, SAAB340, we still have to consider the size of the textures on loading. Here, the differences between SSD Samsung 84 PRO - 256Gb and Samsung 84 EVO 512 Here, FSX running a MSE v2 scenery while monitoring HDD drive where the scenery is located. This scenery was never used before, so, I believe there´sno caching yet: If you can, please test with SAMSUNG 840 PRO 256Gb, it looks 10 times faster on loading small files
  8. Congratulations for this excelent post, SAAB340. I think it should be important to describe the methods, how you came to these results. There´s a software called HDTune PRO, which has a "Disk Monitor" function. This function measure ALL access to all disks on the system, or the access ( load ) on a particular disk. When using FSX or Prepar3Dv2 I run HDTune, on the disk which contains MSE v2 and for my surprise, the data loading is minimal, here and there, a peak no more than 2Mb, I can show some pictures later today. Perhaps what you´re talking about has more to be with access time than to bandwidth from HDD versus SSD. On normal use, with Affinity mask 84 and others you suggested, i didn´t notice much difference between HDD or SSD, sometimes, I think that processor is loading more, but FSX performance is worst. This is a good theme for discussion.
  9. I Agree with you. And IMHO, day and night textures of prepar3Dv2 are even better than FTX Global, much better and not so repetitive.
  10. Comparison: PREPAR3Dv2 with FTX Global + FTX Vector + MSE 2 - This is supposed to be Indianapolis at night Now, Prepar3Dv2 default, same region: Indianapolis ( No FTX, no Vector and no MSE )
  11. Hello, Jetsflier, Unfortunately, FTX Global doesn´t bleed through. I tried all sorts of things here. I´m just using MSE v2 on daylight and FTX Global when flying at night, just disabling MSE on scenery library, MSE night textures as I saw here are too dark. I even find FTX Global dark also. The best night texture I saw was on default Prepar3Dv2 even better than FTX Global. One could then install MSE 2 on Prepar3Dv2 and fly daylight and deactivate at night.... All the best Will it be possible to transport Prepar3Dv2 textures fo FSX ?
  12. Thanks for the answer, firehawk44, I only use Megascenery Earth, not Megascenery X, I tried to access the page, but it points to an old version of MSE, so I gave a try at night and raised the bright of my monitor to maximum. I deactivated things like UTX which could interfere, but recently I installed FTX ( which is deactivated now ). Well, indeed I saw lights over a city, but blocks of them. They turn ON and OFF by layers, and i don´t know why. For instance, in Kansas City, look the picture I made: Some parts are illuminated, some don´t, and they change all the time: I couldn´t have ALL CITY illuminated. It´s strange. I saw in Megascenery Earth website that they indeed provide night textures. See: Frequently Asked Questions What Scenery Type Do I Get When I Purchase MegaScenery? MegaScenery & MegaSceneryEarth provide 2 types of scenery in each package. You get daytime scenery created from high resolution aerial photographs and you get MegaScenery's famous custom NightScene Technology that gives you spectacular night scenery where pretty much every light emitting source is identified and illuminated. The effect is as stunning as night flying in real life. The question is: How to make them work the correct way ???
  13. Perhaps the main problem with MSE is that it doesn´t have night textures. I find this worst than not having 3d buildings. How do we solve this problem ? Is there some other software which put lights over MSE scenery in the cities and roads ? I tried FTX global, doesn´t work, BTW, after we use some kind of photoreal scenery, it´s difficult to goback and use things like FTX again, all cities look alike...In Prepar3Dv2, city lights are even brighter than with FTX Global.
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