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  1. This is a very important answer, because this is questioned on many flight simulator foruns around the world
  2. Could you please, list the names of the nonsense people ? I think all deserve the right to talk and express their point of view without to be punished or ridiculed for that.
  3. Thank you very much for these links. I´ll follow each of them, mostly that one for the FSX. Thank you so much!
  4. GIVE US BACK THE CONTROL ABOUT LOD RADIUS ! Rob, many many people, me included are asking the LOD RADIUS control back. When we use photoreal scenery, even my FSX with Lod Radius 9 is crisper then Prepar3D v2, and at this setting, no OOM errors. Let people decide to tweak config file and adjust Lod Radius to the value they want. Using Prepar3D with some Megascenery Earth and other, I´m getting too blurry textures when compared to FSX.
  5. Hi, Rob, I didn´t notice any FPS problems with your race video. No stutters.
  6. Hello, Rob, In some youtube videos, I´ve noticed some stutters and I always question weather these occour on the Flight Simulator itself, on the program which recorded, or on youtube playback. This happens on many many videos which people find "excellent". But see.,...there´s people who are satisfied with 20fps. (Ughhh ), For me, I would be glad if FS ( and when I say FS I mean all kinds ), could deliver 30fps smoothly. The human eye can´t notice above this. But it has to be constant. On prepar3D v2 and FSX I do these settings: Deactivate Vsync target frame = 30 FXAA = off MSAA - 8 samples Anisotropic 16x - Texture resolution - medium 1024x1024 And on nVidia inspector I set Vertical sync to 1/2 refresh rate ( This was a fantastic hint I saw in some websites, which solved all my stutter problems ) This guarantee a smooth fly, at least for me. I don´t experience any stutter on any FS My machine is an i7 2600k OC to 5.0 Ghz Corsair H100i watercooler - 16Gb RAM, 2 SSD Samsung 840 Pro, several HDD Seagate 3Tb, Asus Geforce GTX 780 CUII Corsair 1200w power supply. Some observation: No stutters under "normal" common settings, complexity almost on maximum, and few autogen.
  7. I notice some stutters, mostly when looking aircraft from above. I´m very good observer, since my FSX are locked at 30 fps, and I also work editing commercial videos. This video is not so smooth.
  8. So, please, give us some links to these Russia scenery, or some hints, because I never found these sources, of course, we are very misinformed. The same applies to China. Any help is welcomed !
  9. Yahoo also cover areas at least from South America. Using Tileproxy, I never tested on Asia, but this is a good idea. One fellow talked some time ago about a software who is capable to retrieve tiles in order to build scenery. As I am not familiar with these softwares, I can´t remember now. What makes you believe that P3D 2.3 won´t have stutters ?
  10. There was a time when people could use GOOGLE EARTH servers to run on Tileproxy, and some ways to retrieve those images ( tiles ) to their permanent scenery, when no need to retrieve again. There should be a way ( people should know ) that we could retrive images from Google Earth and other servers at least for personal use, not commercial. Any hint ?
  11. That´s because some people think small...they only think that improving quality, turning FSX as real as possible will have worst FPS. Our machines are improving. A time will come in which the machine will not be a problem for fps anymore. I think flying only at high altitudes with no 3D "real" buildings have no meaning. I wish FSX or Prepar3D could reproduce the complete world in absolute 3D real, just the way it is. Perhaps one day we´ll come very near to it. I hope! - A good attempt to it is the France VFR scenery.
  12. I think this is the desire of most FSX and Prepar3D users, or am I wrong ? I would like at least that MSE V2 had a decent night texture, decent water masks and decent shorelines. For the price we pay for the software...
  13. Hummm....I don´t want to believe that with billions and billions of people living in India, Russia ( and old URSS countries ), and China together, there aren´t sufficient people to build scenery for their own countries. Here on Brazil, we have a great FSX community, and we had people who made sceneries for the whole country in the past, but they now are very outdated, each time a new FS version is launched, so, the guys who made it, are tired of redo again ( perhaps this is one cause for Asia too ). I myself made some, and I´m deeply inclined to do some photoscenery for Brazil, but I need to get accquainted with the current tools people are using to do them. When I begin, I tend to rest only when the work is complete. I would like to do at least for the northeast region ( my region ).
  14. Yes, you said! Totally forgotten. The far I fly is to Poland, although there´s some Moscow scenery, but there´s no complete countries. I don´t know the cause, weather there´s no data in order to make some sceneries ( I doubt ), or what. Let´s await for other answers from our colleagues of forum.
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