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  1. Hi, Im hoping someone can help me here. I was previously running Win7 and using Opencockpits Efis and MCPv3 Plug and play Modules. I have been using SIOC and OCB4A as the interface and have never had any problems with it working. I have now upgraded my rig and have Windows 8.1. I installed everything as required and my EFIS works perfectly. My MCP lights up and all the buttons work with FSX, e.g. F/D, V NAV, APP etc but for some reason the knobs/encoders will not register within FSX with the PMDG NGX. When i turn the knobs the altitude/heading etc will change on the physical MCP itself but it does not register within FSX. I contacted OC and they said it is a Windows 8 issue??/ Has anyone had this problem and fixed it? Any help is appreciated!