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  1. From what I know there is no "official" support but there is a user on another forum that has gotten it to run on multiple PCs. It is looking like I am going to have to downgrade to 7...
  2. FSX has been running fantastically 25-30 FPS in surround in the VC of a PMDG 777 and double that FPS in an outside view, all with EZDOK installed. recently however, FSX has started to freeze and CTD with EZDOK installed. If I rename the .exe everything works fine. But, I really don't want to have $40 just sitting as dead space on my HD. Does anyone know of a solution, I've tried the suggestions I've found here and other forums but to no avail. Thanks for the help
  3. mshoe

    Speedbrake problem

    No, not at all. However, I finally have cleaned my x52 and the rotary that the brake was assigned to seems to have solved the problem. Thanks for the help and heads up on fsuipc, I didn't know there was a free version I've only seen it at I will definitely take a look at it.
  4. mshoe

    Speedbrake problem

    No haven't bought it yet.
  5. mshoe

    Speedbrake problem

    Hello Everyone, I just noticed today that the even on the ground speedbrake lever would engage itself and move like it has that 'jitter' of a bad controller, except I deleted the assignment on my x52. It is mapped to the default keyboard mapping yet it still moves and arms. I've tried restarting fsx, disconnecting the x52 and restarting my computer. All have had no effect, I'm stumped.
  6. mshoe

    Speedbrake problem

    Hello Everyone,