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  1. SkyPilot5

    How To Use Desk Pilot On Vatsim

    Okay I will give it a try! Thanks
  2. SkyPilot5

    How To Use Desk Pilot On Vatsim

    Unfortunately this isn't working. The gamespy isn't working anymore. I also tried to setup my own session but for some reason this doesn't work. I watched several tutorials on youtube about setting up your own session via LAN but nothing works. We also tried to join several servers via LAN but when we are both in the cockpit we got kicked due high ping all the time.
  3. Hello, I would like to know how I can use Desk Pilot on vatsim? Could you make a manual for us? Because I don't join vatsim as the way you described in your manual. I join vatsim via Free Flight and then connect vatsim. I can't get it work and I would like to fly the PMDG 737NGX with a friend of me on vatsim! Who is able to help me? Best regards
  4. SkyPilot5

    Tim's ENB natural plus

    Hello, I would like to know if someone have the Original files of Tim's ENBSeries? He calls it: ENBplus on REX forum. But when I try to download it, I got a error message. So I'm not able to download it. I saw a lot of pictures about the ENBSeries of Tim and it looks amazing!! Who can send me Tim's ENBseries? Thank you!
  5. SkyPilot5

    SunFX by sirflight

    Thank you, I already found the mod. this topic is closed
  6. SkyPilot5

    SunFX by sirflight

    Hello, I have been looking for the SunFX mod from sirflight that he uses in his youtube movies but the link is dead. Does someone have the download from SunFX mod? The suneffect looks amazing and I would love to have it. Please can someone help me? Thanks!