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  1. liquidate

    Track IR not detecting 2.2

    Of course, I found the solution right after posting this (and I had been looking for hours ) Thanks to this thread, the solution was simple. Like the thread mentioned above, I am also running Win 8.1 (not sure if this is relevant.) This is a new OS install and FSX or P3D had never been installed. To resolve this problem I needed to navigate into the \Prepar3D V2\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib folder and run the SimConnect.msi installer. Once installed, I simply launched P3D (no need to run as admin) and it just worked. Thanks!
  2. liquidate

    Track IR not detecting 2.2

    I've got a clean install of Prepar3D 2.2 (academic license and no mods installed) and Track IR 5.2 with the latest game updates applied. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get Track IR to recognize P3D. I've tried starting both apps "as administrator" and starting one before the other. In all cases, if I look in Track IR the title section is "None." and only one green light on the Track IR camera is on. I know Track IR is working, as I'm able to start Aerofly FS and tracking is enabled immediately. Am I missing something here? Any help appreciated.