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  1. I did think about Velcro as i want it to be moveable so I can use my desk for other things. How strong is it, is it enough to withstand crosswind landings without falling off? I'm starting to feel better about mounting on top and using C clamps instead so I can still use my keyboard tray. I think I might as well get it and see what I can do. Probably won't get it until Christmas time though when there is hopefully sales.
  2. Thanks for the reply Simon. Interesting, I never really considered where the yoke attached to the shaft, I always assumed it would be about centre. Although you haven't seen how low my chair is, it broke a while ago and it's stuck at its lowest point. I guess I don't really have anything to lose as I can always get a bigger chair and mount it on top. I did consider the box after seeing others do it but I don't want to make it permanent as my desk is used for study and other things. I don't know if I could slide it in the keyboard tray and just Velcro it in place, it might be too tall and my keyboard tray is pretty flimsy
  3. Hello. I'm going to buy the Cessna yoke soon from Saitek as an upgrade from my Logitech joystick. There is very limited space on top of my desk and I have a fairly low chair. The perfect place for me to mount the yoke is underneath as it will be at a realistic height and allow me to use my keyboard and mouse still. Is it possible to do? I am willing to do a little bit of DIY if necessary. Any suggestions on how it can be done?
  4. Very sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new to the forums. I'm looking for a repaint of the Flight 1 ATR in Air New Zealand's All Blacks Colours (ZK-MVA) I can't find one anywhere