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  1. Jay, and Mac, thanks for your help ,and the suggestion to make dep and destination airport the same does indeed work . So hopefully this will be of help to others who may want to just stay in the pattern at a chosen field . Doing the above will give you that menu again , with the choice of a local flight or circuits , at least in FSX anyway !! Jay, yes the C-42 is a great aircraft to learn to fly on and , I really wish the excellent Sim 720 version was available for 64 bit versions of P3d , and as for the upcoming , MSFS 2020 .I guess that really would be too much to expect 🙂 Oh, btw, that the default ATC is no better than previous versions really doesn't surprise me , and I think overall we may be getting swept up with ALL the hype , as usual on this one . I'm afraid it's going to be about the Eye Candy first and foremost (including weather effects) , when the ATC and the AI traffic are just as important , well to us anyway !?
  2. Yes, certainly non towered all right its a field with a cabin and a windsock !! EGHY Truro, Cornwall ... But it is happening at any of my local airports , they are all non towered except EGHC and this one always fatal errors whenever I have a flight plan flying TO , it from, ANYWHERE !! This was reported by me to TW over a year ago by me and the vendor , and he never did fix it ....A very sore point , as I fly to this airport in real world , anyway I digress ! Also ,yes FSX version , and always find the programme wan't to pick up where I left off on the last flight plan .I'll try and send logfile ,soon for this , and my EGHC Lands End flight plan prob ??
  3. Can't seem to just be able to do a local flight or circuit work anymore , and if I don't load a flight plan from airport A to airport B I either get a Fatal Error , or fly flightplan , from the last flightplan I did . The trouble is most of my RL flying involves departing airport A and returning to the same, airport A , and consequently this is what I mostly need to do in Vox !! Any ideas help appreciated , thanks Chris
  4. Oh okay thanks for this ! Unfortunately I have more important probs than that now !! I keep getting ' Fly Flightplan ' now, anywhere other than my default FsX flight , where a Fatal Error throws up ... I do also get the correct green prompt underneath this though , and am able to still just about use the program ! The above example is also , followed by NO traffic generation either !! any ideas please ? Am on FSX se, Flyinside fsx, Traffic 360 , and now Windows 10 , although I wish I'd stayed on 7 64 bit
  5. Hi Mac, and thanks for reply . I have also been trying to do this , and have no luck as it seems the vox.biz site is down at the moment or broken now ! Have you tried lately ,or anyone else as I've tried several times and on two different routers , internet sources !! On the subject , can any other free voices other than default Windows 10 be recommended? I do have a handful of Ceraproc ones I purchased when they were half price sale , but like most of us don't want to spend £25 or over $30 a voice ....... Regards Chris
  6. Having recently (upgraded ? ) to Windows 10, and finally rebuilt my FSX SE, with All the add ons including this one , I've found very limited functionality with the Vox pop voices ! Firstly, there was an issue with downloading them from the site , and last time I tried , still no joy , so I re used a previous download of the zip files I came across on a laptop . Anyway , having installed them again , and testing them in the vox voice config panel , I now found the only one working is, the female voice ,and when trying the mail voices with that installed it's the female voice everytime that sounds . If I only have the male voices installed then I get no sound at all in the test panel , and if trying to run the sim with these selected vox does it's favorite fatal error trick !! Has anyone else had this prob , or any ideas please ?
  7. Hi Mike, I just read the above in more detail, and can tell you this isn't just a P3d issue ! I run Fsx se and can tell you I don't see traffic at the majority of US airports., not just Miami !! I too have plenty at Gatwick, and most major UK airports......As a consequence I've given up with any virtual flying in the US, because I've run out of ideas ........ I use Just flight traffic 2005, and have also used Traffic 360 , along with AI Flight Planner. The problem with the latter is, that although it will place my own traffic flight plans with the default sliders up , it WILL NOT with sliders set at zero , and vox at ANY percentage ..... Please see my originnal on this and other as linked and referenced recently by Jay (jabloom)
  8. Well, I installed the WOAI Skybus package yesterday , and although I had some success , I also had a lot of frustration unfortunately !! Firstly ,I found too much of a good thing , in that I was flooded at EGHE Scillies with Norman Islander G-BUBN....Yes, this same registered aircraft not only appeared on the ground five times , but was also reporting downwind to land ,also ....lol And , to add to this ,not an Otter (twin or otherwise ) did I see until late in the session . When an example of the larger aircraft did arrive , it proceeded to land rather abruptly, followed by a violent swerve off the runway towards where I was observing , and to my horror crashed straight into the aforementioned GBUBNs, that were just minding their own business .....and then , it had the cheek to disappear ......!!!.............. Okay, so joking aside , I have no idea what was going on , and I musn't forget the endless go arounds , and missed approaches of the Islanders , that never seemed to land once . I quickly realised they were flying touch and goes , and acting more like GA . If this is an indicator of the programming skill of the world of ai guys, I may have to give that a miss in future . Anyway, to sum up , and if perhaps of some use and interest to others ,I ran my compiler for Traffic 2005 again , along with the vox indexer , Before this complete process, no aifp or woai aircraft were showing up with fsx sliders correctly set 0% and vox enabled , even at 100% ....
  9. So, i have created some flight plans at my local UK Airports with AIFP, and on the default 1% traffic density setting ! In other words, when I go to the assigned airport at the correct time MINUS Vox with the FSX sliders set to anything 1% or over , sure enough my created traffic flights are always there ready to go .. However, on the required setting of 0% on sliders and Voxatc enabled , nothing at all !! I have tried several flight plans, at different airports and no traffic, just the usual touch and go GA already in the circuit !!! I use FSX steam edition , and only now the old Traffic 2005 Just Flight program . This does give me scheduled flights , on the ground at the major Uk airports ... including EgTE Exeter Flybe etc .... But am trying to make some real world flights with the Twin otter and islander for Lands End , and Newquay to the Isles of Scilly .. Any help with this one please ?
  10. Hi Jay, and thanks for this ! Only just seen as not been on here for a while now .. i will try this as soon as, althiugh at the moment i now have a more pressing matter !! i have discovered that the traffic I create with AIFP Is not showing ... Going to post on a new thread , in case of some use to others .. Thanks
  11. Yes, it's the same in FSX....No flight plan , only circuits or local ! Does Traffic Global have GA traffic too , in the United States , do you know , and better on route traffic generation ..Hearing others on the radio ? This seems to be a GLOBAL prob with VOX , that other than dep and arrival airports , you hear nothing !! Cheers
  12. Okay thanks for that, and didn't realise ! i was wondering how to generate traffic in the US ,as occasionally i like a change from UK and ..just flight traffic 360 ,and traffic 2005 are not especially good at this ! i have blue sky california installed, and never seem to see or hear other aircraft , and am flying in empty skys other than SFO, LAX etc . Also , which brings me back to my original post , I understand that in the vox atc US world, unlike UK, you are always required to open a flight plan , and then things go wrong ......Utopia radio problem !! Another frequency to be changed ,in theory !! Cheers
  13. Anyone found when trying to install the above, that the programme doesn't recognise or find your Voxatc version ? Everytime I try to install this UT2 bridge a box comes up saying 'Cant find the voxatc installation ' Thanks Chris
  14. Can someone who has , or and uses AFX Airport Facilitator X, please advise on how to save the frequency changes with Vox 7.42 latest version ?? I Also wonder why , the Ultimate traffic 2 bridge will not find my installation of voxatc !? anyone come across this issue .... Thanks
  15. Hi again Jay, yes , I used the modded airport file ! it gave a choice of either STOCK , or below that MOD, so after that I expected it to just save my changes by default ! i will also add, that everytime I start fsx I'm getting a warning come up stating that afx is incompatible with my version of fsx ,and that I shouldn't run it !? I wasn't aware that it would want to run everytime I start the sim , but there you go ...lol I probably should get a refund on it , but am wondering why it seems to be , if you're a steam user , so difficult to make a few com freq changes , and traffic pattern directions etc I fly vfr around Cornwall, and in real life , and it wasn't just Lands End, I've tried but Bodmin too EGLA, recently changed their A/G freq , and I tried to change this in the sim !! Just to remind, these changes have been implemented in fsx, because when I bring up the default ATC box there I see my new frequencies , but not in Vox !! Unfortunately , the only probs I have in the sim are with Vox , and it's such a shame as for me it's pottentially THE best addon there is . While I'm here, as well as the non towered airfield issue that we all know only to well about , my other hope for a fix is the lack of traffic . or coms on route . Even on a cross country 20 25 min flight , and IFR too , the silence on the radio is very strange and unrealistic .... I use the old just flightTraffic 2005 , and also some flights Iv'e created in AIFP , but that's it ! I do have Ultimate traffic 2, which I hoped to use, but I get an unable to find the Voxatc installation when trying to open the UT2 bridge fix , so have not been able to do this .. Not found anything on the forum about this , and any ideas please ? I really appreciate you trying to help though , and I also know you have helped so many people on here , and are clearly very knowledgeable ...... Thanks again C
  16. Hi Jay, and thanks for your reply . I'm not sure what the correct location is though, I'm afraid !? I did manage to make a save to upgrading the surface of the two main runways (EGHC) which have been tarmac since 2015 and no longer the grass ! All I had to do was press the save icon, after making the changes and all done . Naturally I assumed that com freq, and traffic pattern direction changes etc would be just simply saved by default in the same way !! By the way , I see what you mean re Afx, and I tried ADE so many times, and even downloaded the P3D !.4 sdk, but no joy . I have fsx steam , and as am sure you know , certain parts of the sdk are missing , and therefore no saves are poss without a lot of fiddling . I was wondering if you have any issues with this airport , and am so surprised that with it being a 'TOWERED '.....field ( and my local unfortunately) it crashes vox .. Every time I finish with my initial check in , and realease the PTT button , up pops FATAL ERROR ! This doesn't happen on any other towered airport I've tried !! My setup Vox 7.42 , Fsx se, Horizon Gen X vfr scenery, uk 2000 ,version 2 fields ...Windows 7 64 bit. Have tried with disabling the above also, and just running default scenery , aircraft etc .. Thanks Chris
  17. I wonder if anyone can help with a very annoying issue I'm having ! Been trying to sort a problem with fatal error everytime I try and make contact with Lands End tower 120.250, and thought as final idea would purchase AFX to see if a fictitious freq may solve ! Anyway, this has now highlighted a new prob in so much as I am unable to make any com freq changes into vox 7.42 . AFX works fine with saving in FSX SE , and in spite of running the indexer several times , I am unable to implement my changes into Voxatc panel, and after trying to update another airfield with a new real world A/G radio freq this also remains unchanged !! I don't understand how after running the indexer , my changes are still not saved , when they are properly implemented in FSX ? Any advice , ideas would be very welcomed ..
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