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  1. thanks we payed so much and we are standing here.
  2. Hello, i loaded the new 2.28 and i cant connect with the zibo737 . i do at the you write but when i look and the log i see that a false path is using see log E: but its at D: how can i change it ? and when i open the control panel i cant see zibo selection what i have to choose? https://ibb.co/nLnW43F
  3. After install i have no choice of zibo at control panel. Every time when i start the new version i get message that the plugin is not uodate and i should restart it after closing xplane . no sucsses. i change the win.xpl already.
  4. I cant access to the website. I already disabled firewall deleted Kaspersky but no result.
  5. Hello , i just bought 737 but after entering the activation code i get message error. Unable to connect to activation server.
  6. Dear Friends, i bought the new precipit and use PMDG NGX 737 . My problem is that i dont get wing vortex . I use DX10 , FSX . i already deleted as decribed at the page the complete line "vaportrail_l=" and "vaportrail_r=" , but no change .
  7. Dear Friends, i have a problem and i dont know why it is like that. Why is my routeline not straight ?
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