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  1. Some screens from new product. https://secure.simmarket.com/rds-russian-digital-simulations-uuel-konakovo-airfield-iahs-p3d.phtml
  2. Digital Design some time work with me over Lyon and Liverpoool. Is my some coach) Wait new small airfield in next time)
  3. We are very lucky thath you love our products) And want say what we made in the moment some small and one big airfields for russia) we will try to maintain the level according to the possibilities of the photographic material. Not everywhere there are such cool photos as they were in the north. But we will have other chips. We will be incredibly happy if you help us popularize our scenes. We are a small team but we still learn that there are more and more people) We work also and on another company. You can see this below) P.S.Scenery work from box to all sim FSX/P3D) https://www.facebook.com/russiandigitalsim/ https://russiandigitalsim.com/
  4. Not... I think that u installing after UUML new scenery that can replace autogen files. U can try reinstall UUML or just send to support@russiandigitalsim.com file fsx/autogen/autgen_descriptions.spb Our people make the correction for you.
  5. it seems to me, or you have lost trees in the scenery severka?
  6. If will be all good maybe in this month. UUMS it fake icao code Severka Airfield How i know this icao code used in Default XPLANE
  7. on UUML not have charts all landing carried out independently.
  8. Full custom product. We independent developers. :wink:
  9. RDS will soon reduce the price at the scene to 17.90 USD)
  10. Yes sure) you need switched to winter) But and with summer texture look good)
  11. I returned to screenshots forum with new screens from me new scenery. More about scenery via link: Link removed as it leads to a topic advertising. More about scenery via link: [link removed]
  12. Coast of Freedom - a place where I feel at ease. This is my last part on this moment. I believe that in order to finish this part of the ... I must show these screenshots. To your attention I present, Narvik And Bonus from Russia
  13. Coast of Freedom - a place where I feel at ease.
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