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  1. Utopia is a small software that calculates take-off performance. It was discussed in the original post on page 1 of this thread. I was just wondering if there were more .tod files available for it other than those that come with it. JC Goloubev
  2. Does anyone have some newer .tod files for utopia? Or specific data to make a new .tod file would also be highly appreciated. I am looking for the 777-300 and A320.
  3. Thank you for the reply. It makes sense. I will check out the manual.
  4. Hi I had two questions regarding the 777. First one is takeoff procedure. I watched a tutorial by Matt Davies. His plane reads out the v1 speed aloud, mine is quiet. Also he spools up the engines to 70% and then goes to TOGA, which is fine but I notice that my plane struggles to reach even 100 knots. What am I doing wrong to not get the v1 audio cue and failing to reach actual takeoff speeds? My second question is for the altitude management. I load up the route exported by PFPX just fine, I can see all the legs with altitudes, VNAV and LNAV are active but the plane does not obey the set altitudes. Only seems to do that during landing otherwise the altitude remains at initial climb altitude I put into the MPC. How can I let the FMC effectively control the altitudes? Thanks, JC Goloubev
  5. Thanks, I think I understand. :smile:
  6. So for the mode selector, I currently have for HDG: On Press: PMDG AP HDG Show For Rotary knob: On Press: PMDG AP Alt Inc
  7. I noticed that. I already changed most assignments for the switch panel, it works just fine. For the multi panel, I just tested for the rotary knob, alt increase, and alt decrease. Both actually work now, but the problem arises if I switch to HDG or IAS for example, the rotary knob would still only increase or decrease the altitude. The multipanel still does not display the correct altitude numbers or IAS, HDG.
  8. It's the Boeing 777 PMDG , 300 extension. It seems to sync yeah.
  9. I'm having issues with the multipanel. It's not reading the in-game parameters and the rotary knob does not do anything at all. I'm just using LINDA, no Spad, no Saitek drivers.
  10. Thanks. When I was looking at how to do those things, I found a couple of tutorials online. Especially for the Multi Panel, the videos instructed to use Spad for the rotary knob and then setting it up in FSUIPC, then finally in the FMC of the plane itself. It sounds quite difficult. But you said not to use Spad and also not use Saitek drivers. I will try that out.
  11. Thanks Scot! That is very helpful indeed. How about the other panels? i.e. Radio Panel, Multi Panel, FIP? I especially had trouble with the Multi Panel as it did not seem to grab the AP values nor affect them in any way. I saw a pretty complex tutorial on Youtube where the rotary knob is programmed as an emulated joystick key. That was done in Spad though. That's probably why I'm confused.
  12. Also, very curious about the rotary knob on the switch panel, the one responsible for the engine control. Really curious to see how people set it all up.
  13. Hi all, I'm new to Linda. I am in the process of setting up Saitek's switch panel with Linda. While I was able to do the lights, gear, battery I was unable to find specific commands for certain switches: - Fuel Pump - De-Ice - Pitot Heat What should I set the above to? I found this list and it came in somewhat handy. http://www.fsgs.com/page/pmdg777 However that is for Spad.next and I would like to stick to Linda and regular Spad if possible. Thanks. If anyone has panel by panel configured state screenshots, please do share.
  14. Wow, amazing, what mods are used here? I'm specifically interested about ground personel. Also, is the ground services an add-on?
  15. The cockpit preparation procedure, is it a special script? Can anybody share?
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