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  1. Utopia is a small software that calculates take-off performance. It was discussed in the original post on page 1 of this thread. I was just wondering if there were more .tod files available for it other than those that come with it. JC Goloubev
  2. Does anyone have some newer .tod files for utopia? Or specific data to make a new .tod file would also be highly appreciated. I am looking for the 777-300 and A320.
  3. Thank you for the reply. It makes sense. I will check out the manual.
  4. Hi I had two questions regarding the 777. First one is takeoff procedure. I watched a tutorial by Matt Davies. His plane reads out the v1 speed aloud, mine is quiet. Also he spools up the engines to 70% and then goes to TOGA, which is fine but I notice that my plane struggles to reach even 100 knots. What am I doing wrong to not get the v1 audio cue and failing to reach actual takeoff speeds? My second question is for the altitude management. I load up the route exported by PFPX just fine, I can see all the legs with altitudes, VNAV and LNAV are active but the plane does not obey the set altitudes. Only seems to do that during landing otherwise the altitude remains at initial climb altitude I put into the MPC. How can I let the FMC effectively control the altitudes? Thanks, JC Goloubev
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