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  1. Microsoft will always have a seat at the flight sim table. They earned it. That said, I don't expect this to be in any way an evolution or next gen to the original MS Flight Sim versions we all know and love. That team of peoples and ALL their expertise is long gone. This will likely be MSFlight take two. Run my marketing people who I doubt have any real claim in the fs community! ...oh I am still bitter ain't I?😮 Just my gut feeling....harsh but I stand by it! Done correctly, it is a good thing for the broader fs community for sure if it provides a welcome door for new folks . Polished adverts are what they are...little more and faith is lost. Buyer beware Jack
  2. Zeuss .... Good news the CDT issue is resolved ...what was your resolution as a matter of interest?
  3. REX HD airports for P3D V4 made it across the line ....http://www.rexworldwideairports.com/index.html I felt it warranted being noted on this thread given the prior reality. Mistakes made when corrected are no long that big a deal and this is a good news story my many I am sure.
  4. Does anyone here in the community know ; 1) if flyaoamedia,com is supported still or has is become inactive. (I've send their 'support a message just now so I may get that part of the answer soon anyway) 2) if the flyaoamedia training product 747 PMDG is worthwhile given the subsequent updates to the PMDG 747 product line. I looked for a full training schedule for this flight sim. Thank jack
  5. Rest in Peace Mr. Allensworth. Legacy established. S!
  6. I've recently has a few offline conversations with friends about the state of the FS community [in the broadest sense of the community]. In general, and it was a common point throughout, it is these kinds of actions often from the unsung heroes in the hobby that are responsible for the fact that the next generation coming up will still has a community to plug into.
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