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  1. Hey guys, I am aware that Christian Mohr has taken a lot of his repaints from Avsim offline for some reason. However, at the moment, I am eagerly searching for a SunExpress 737-800 livery. As far as I know, Christian once did TC-SUU and D-ASXS. I know there are other repaints for SXS/SXD available, however none come even close to Christians quality and are lacking fundamental basics. I am always astonished how detailed Christians repaints are. He seems to not be missing a single sticker on an aircraft. So if any of you guys who are reading this (or probably even Christian himself) still have his SunExpress repaints, I'd really appreciate me if you could help me out. Just send a PM. Thank you very much in advance, Robert
  2. thelucky2

    PMDG 777-300ER fuel burn

    I can confirm that. Plan says 67.2t Trip Fuel. So with BIAS calculated out still 65.8t Trip Fuel. However my 77W only needed 64.5t Fuel, and that was Gate to Gate with the second half of the flight flown at FL300 and Mach .87 selected in order to burn more fuel to get under the MLAW + 1 round in the usual BUBIN hold at OMDB. So that's quite off the calculation. Robert